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There are words you don’t come back from

In your conversations with people, especially those closest to you, you may sometimes say things which, in retrospect, you deeply regret. These words that irrespective of how much you apologise, leave indelible scars.
I recently wrote a piece on “words you don’t come back from.” Here’s an excerpt from it:
There are words you don’t come back from.
Words a father says to his only child when the pain of losing his wife from childbirth reaches its crescendo.
“I wish you were never born”…
Words siblings say to each other after a heated argument on the most frivolous of issues:
“I wish I was an only child”…
Words couples say to themselves in fits of anger or bitterness of heart. The result of incessant lies and cheating.
“I wish I didn’t marry you” or the lighter version “I wish you were dead” 
If you’ve unintentionally said such words to someone, you should apologize. Not with absolution as your aim, but rather to effectively communicate how sorry you are. And if you’ve been on the receiving end of such words, I hope you find it easier to let go of resentment. I truly hope it gets easier.
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