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Championing Optimal #MentalHealth For All | DMs unattended from 11pm - 7am; In an Emergency? Call 08091116264 or 08111680686 |

Championing Optimal #MentalHealth For All | DMs unattended from 11pm - 7am; In an Emergency? Call 08091116264 or 08111680686 |

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Queen from MANI

As the year is wrapping up, reflect. Take reality checks, see how far you've gone. You made it, alive. More to come❤️It might not be the best, but it's something. Reflect, make corrections, show gratitude for the memories that count and roll up the year in a …


Ibukun from MANI

Lately life has been lifeing for many of us and some of us are lucky enough to have a good support system of friends and loved ones that always show up for us when we need them to. However, because of how readily available they are for us, we can start to tak…


Husseinah from MANI

Too often, we underestimate the weight our words may carry.The remarks we give in the name of being blunt or saying our mind, the random jokes we make, and of course, the statements we express when we’re not in the best of moods - yes, a string of some of tho…


Oluwatobi from MANI

When I was much younger, I used to think death has boundaries. I believed it was only meant for the aged and that younger people had no business worrying about it. Now, I have come to realise that death in fact has no boundaries and life really is fickle.For …


Kenee from MANI

What are they anyway? Events captured in time by our minds and stored in the deepest of our thoughts and connections? A mix of past moments and our imagination; maybe throw in an ounce of wishful thinking?Some people say they are magic. Beautiful. Maybe sour-…


Hidaya from MANI

Hello, I hope you’re okay. Today I want to talk about expectations and disappointment. One of the ways we introduce self-deceit and dissatisfaction in our lives is by expecting reciprocity. By putting people up against certain standards based on the way we tr…


Ayo from MANI

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to meet a loved one (family or friend) at the point of their need but could not? How did that make you feel? Were you hurt, pained that you have fallen short of their expectations of you? Did you feel inadequ…


Redox from MANI

There's a natural tendency for humans to seek the validation of others. We often like to receive appraisals and support for our actions from others. While it might be a source of motivation for some people to not give up, its effects might be detrimental. See…


Queen from MANI

You probably hate to hear this word by now , because every small inconvenience somebody will motivate you to breathe as if the one you're doing with your nose is not breathing.Hold on Gee , to 'breathe' is not just the natural inhaling and exhaling, its a dee…


Hembafan from MANI

I've often heard people say things like "If they ghost you, act like they never existed", "it's the energy you give to me I'll give right back to you"; all these statements that subtly suggest that it's okay to take another's eye for your lost one or give tit…


Ibukun from MANI

Hi there, it’s me again. I know it seems like these days everything seems wrong, and you keep putting in so much effort into things but you’re not seeing any results so you’re getting frustrated and wondering if it’s all worth it.It is, and it will be, but in…


Husseinah from MANI

People would say, ‘we’re in the hustling stage’, but I like to rather say that ‘we’re in the finding our feet phase in life’. At this phase, we’re almost all busy and pressured trying to find who we are and our purpose, where to fit in, exploring newer intere…


Oluwatobi from MANI

Hey you!Life on its own is tough, innit?? Ergo, not everything has to go the hard way. Sometimes, choose comfort.If you have the means to outsource certain things or minimise your stress in any way you can, please do.Doing this help refine your wholesomeness.…


Kenee from MANI

I almost fell into a ditch. Ha! Afflictions shall never rise again! Heaven forbid! Have you ever been in that place where you miss someone you can't talk to? Have you ever tried to recreate a moment in your life that should be left alone in the past? Or someo…


Hidaya from MANI

Hello, today I want to talk about boundaries. We all know how important it is to set boundaries, and most of us do set them, but what most except a few fail to do is to enforce those boundaries. You can set all the boundaries you want but without standing you…


Claire from MANI

As we end the new year, why don’t we keep stock of what we are most grateful for, no matter how little? Both big and small. I’ll go first.1. I’m grateful for opportunities that come my way (both good and bad). Experiences have shaped my life.2. I treasure lif…


Redox from MANI

It is important that we pay attention to both our physical and mental health. We should be intentional about our wellbeing, 'cos it has significant impacts on our lives and those of people around us. When any aspect of our health suffers, our friends and fami…


Hembafan from MANI

It is scary to think that my vibrant parents will one day be frail and sickly. That one day, it will be me taking care of them. That one day, I would look around and my mother will not be there and neither would my father.I don't know about you but this sends…


Queen from MANI

While you 'Yas' to this, be reminded that YOU is relative. For you, you is you, but some other 'you' is reading this now and affirming it as well, but be gracious in same accord. While you wish yourself the best things, hope to be treated the nicest, etc.. re…


Ibukun from MANI

Some days are great, the sun is shining without burning your skin, the unicorns are riding on rainbow clouds, everything seems to be in order, Nigeria stress doesn’t make you want to drop down and cry like it normally does and all seems right with the world. …