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(Virtual) conference season is upon us! depends depends

Time is slipping away from me. August is super exciting as I continue to settle into my new position at Pathwire. The folks there are ridiculously nice and knowledgeable, and I look forward to diving into some more development work.
A lot has happened over the last four weeks, so here’s a quick breakdown and some links!
No BS Design Advice
Want to know how to design the perfect email? Kickbox gathered advice from me and other email marketers to help you in your mission to achieve high-performing emails. Check out the link below!
Designing the Perfect Email | The Kickbox Blog
Look! It's me! Speaking on a panel!
I’ll be speaking on a panel about Apple’s iOS15 impact on digital marketing at The Canadian Email Summit. It’s happening virtually on September 15th at 2:40pm. I’ll be joining email greats Stephanie Griffith, founder of, and Scott Cohen, Sr. Email Marketing Manager at Purple. Make sure you grab your ticket!
Litmus Live moved to October. Let's talk lead gen strategy!
4th speaker proposal is a charm, and I’ll be giving an on-demand presentation at Litmus Live about starting a lead generation strategy from scratch. You’ll learn about how I started the lead generation program at my previous organization, from growing the list through template design and A/B testing for conversion. Don’t miss this one!
The world is on literal and figurative fire as an earthquake devastated Haiti and the Taliban swiftly overtook Afghanistan as US Troops left. I’d like to take a moment to name a few organizations that we can give money to that will help folks on the ground. If you’re able to provide financial support, look for local organizations to support, rather than big NGOs:
Stay safe, get vaccinated. Until next time,
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