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Yes, and...What if? #1 - Why I'm spending my time on electrification and succession planning

Matt Candler
Matt Candler
Hi there, I’m Matt. I coach people and build electric bikes.
I’m calling this newsletter Yes, and…What If?
“Yes, and…” are the two most important words in Improv Comedy.
When one of your partners brings a new idea (endowment) into the scene, it’s your job to affirm it, to build on it and work it into the scene, without judging whether it was funny or not. Working with the group mind instead of my own is something I want to do more often.
“What If?” is the pinnacle of group brainstorming.
As I move through a brainstorm, I want my team to feel the momentum from How? When? and Why? to What if? These two words remind me to stay curious and look for the adjacent possible.
These four words remind me that I do better creative work in community than in solitude. They help me fight FOMO, imposter syndrome and loneliness and encourage me to ship things.
And to listen.
For now, I’m focused on three projects. Here’s an update and a What if? for each:
  • I think electrification can help all of us save money and have more fun, so I’m teaching anyone who’s curious how to start electrifying your vehicles and home.
  • What if switching to electric saved you money and made life more fun?
  • Latest: I’m getting lots of questions from friends about EVs and ebikes; gas prices are no joke. So we’re running an experimental mobility sprint to help people plan to go electric with personal their vehicle fleet. More here.
  • After 25 years in and around startups - some my own, many more built by founders in fellowships I’ve managed - my coaching now focuses on succession as a starting point for day-to-day leadership and culture-building.
  • What if planning for succession yesterday made you a better leader today?
  • Latest: I’m running an experimental sprint focused on Succession planning. It won’t be as entertaining as the TV show, but it’ll probably make you a better leader. Latest here.
  • I run a small electric bike and motorcycle studio and advise companies electrifying vehicles, homes and power grids.
  • What if having a “studio” made buying this very cool, but very busted old motorcycle on eBay ok?
  • Latest: I am honored to get an invite to the 2022 Handbuilt Motorcycle Show in Austin, TX. I’ve got til April 8th to get this solar Zero street bike finished! Follow along here.
Thanks for being here. I hope what I share moving forward adds value to you while you’re on the road.
Onward, Matt
PS Energy poverty is on my mind. Depending on where you live and where your job is, you’re getting squeezed on your utility bill and on your commute more today than ever.
I know this isn’t a perfect solution, but I’m trying to be intentional about making the things I create accessible to everyone so, whether it’s leadership coaching or training with, I’m making every course I teach free for anyone who’s spending more than 20% of their income on gas and utilities. If you have any feedback or ideas on making this more accessible, I’d love to hear from you.
PPS My favorite follow of the past few weeks is

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Matt Candler
Matt Candler @mcandler

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