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ToDUX #1—We Need to Get Rid of Significance in A/B Testing

Maximilian Speicher
Maximilian Speicher
Dear Subscribers,
Welcome to the first issue of ToDUX (= Tales of Design & User Experience; I’ve skipped the “& Other Stuff” for the acronym).
But first things first—thank you all so much for joining my mailing list. I feel very honored. :)

As promised, I want to use this newsletter to inform you about new posts and articles of mine, either on my own blog or elsewhere. On Tuesday, my first contribution to the ACM Interactions magazine (“a publication of great influence in the fields that envelop the study of people and computers,” as per their own website) has been published in their blog section. It will also appear in the March/April issue of the print magazine. 🎉
I wrote this article mainly because I believe there is something fundamentally wrong with the way A/B testing is often being conducted and treated in industry, i.e., “run one experiment, look at the p-value, and you have the ultimate, objective proof if something works or not,” which is … questionable at best. Enjoy reading, and I’d love to hear your feedback.
However, I don’t want to talk only about me, so I’m enclosing another article (not by me) that I’ve read recently and enjoyed very much:
When Customer Journeys Don’t Work: Arcs, Loops, & Terrain | by Stephen P. Anderson | Medium
Thus far for this first issue. Read you next time!
☕ I love coffee, and if you enjoy what I write, you can spend me one if you like. ☕
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Maximilian Speicher
Maximilian Speicher @maxspeicher

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