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Matt's Monday digital digest - Issue #89

Hey, good morning,
Matt's Monday digital digest - Issue #89
By Matt Taylor • Issue #89 • View online
Hey, good morning,

I’m going to partially look over the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the resulting critique, given it’s been especially well reported in the mainstream press, but some of the tech angles are interesting.
But the behaviour of Facebook and CA is hardly surprising, it’s just the end-game of data capitalism. And the running critique of Facebook’s data collection practices following the revelations are overdone: FB is a giant, but not unique in its behaviour.
🧘🏻‍♂️Steven Sinofsky ॐ
Facebook scraped call, text message data for years on Android // "I'm shocked! Shocked to find…" Difficult to be surprised by this. Permissioning/UX, app store apps/vetting, platform capabilities always made this the norm, not exception. FB hardly alone.
5:30 PM - 25 Mar 2018
In the information economy of the internet, this is just like any other micro-aggression exhibited by a business trying to capture advantage through data, and arguably users making actions on Facebook, or installing Messenger, have more control over their information (as long as it all goes to Facebook) than those visiting And if you want to know where that anecdote came from, Why The Outrage in April’s LRB issue is worth it.
Google's new stuff
Android's next version brings official support for 'notches'
Google's New News Initiative
Google are launching Subscribe with Google for news publishers to help acquire Google-authed users more easily, and they’ll only take 5-15% of the total subscription cost (compared to Apple’s 30%). Launch partners will include the FT, NYT, WaPo, and FairFax in Australia, but not any NewsCorp brands. Key to this intitiative is an elevation in search results of content from your subscribed brands that fits your search criteria.
So not happy enough with that, they rebranded Trends and AMP as journalism-focused projects and called it the Google News Initiative (not to be confused with the Google Digital News Initiative, now just called the Google DNI Fund). ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
TheSkimm & Cheddar close rounds
The company says it now has seven million readers who open the letter at least once a month, with a 30 percent daily open rate.
And Cheddar, the business network for the internet, has raised $22m. They’re dropping running their own subscriptions and starting a new network outside of the business space.
Some of the money from the raise will go toward building a second news network, called Cheddar Big News. The streaming network will focus on general-interest happenings in the mode of local TV news. The network, which will cost between $1 and $1.5 million to launch, is scheduled to debut in April, Mr. Steinberg said.
CloudFlare (aka, techy link of the week)
CloudFlare, the web CDN and anti-DDoS company, have a really cool new feature they are calling CloudFlare workers. These work like regular old Service Workers, which are threads that run in your browser that open a persistent connection with the webserver. The difference with these: they run on the edge, which means your CDN suddenly got much smarter. A lot of the stuff you can do sounds quite boring given you could have previously done it on the server, but now you can do it on the edge! And you can play with it on your site for free here.
Shane Smith is out at Vice as CEO, will become Exec chairman, is replaced by Nancy Dubuc of A+E
Tumblr remove 84 blogs associated with Russian Gov propaganda group
Uber to sell operations in SEA to native incumbent Grab, includes Eats
d3, the charting library, releases version 5, the first major version in over 18 months
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