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Over beestachtige influencer hamburgers (🍔), livestreams voor offline retail gevoel (🛍️), de ballen van Nike (⚽⚽), de kernprincipes van remote werk (👨‍💻), Inception-style fotografie met drones (🚁) en robot dancebattles (🤖)

Matthijs Roumen
Matthijs Roumen
Ooit leerde ik dat de lengte van een nieuwsbrief niet zoveel uitmaakt, zolang je de ontvanger maar blijft boeien.
Daarom heb ik deze editie weinig gesneden uit m'n longlist van toffe content om je mee te nemen in oa de volgende onderwerpen:
  • Livestreams in Amazon voor een offline winkelgevoel.
  • Een gewaagde move van Nike om verkoop meer naar zich toe te trekken.
  • Waanzinnige Inception-style fotografie voor Australia Airlines.
  • Drie belangrijke principes van remote werk.
  • De influencer hamburgers van Mr Beast.
En de menselijkheid van Boston Dynamics. Waar ik, om de nieuwsbrief éxtra vrolijk te openen, onderstaand gifje van heb gemaakt.
Veel leesplezier!

Technologie waar je hart sneller van gaat kloppen
Chris Messina
Ok, just saw my first "Shop livestreams" component on Amazon's homepage.

They've been around for a while, but I haven't seen them as prominent before.

Internet video shopping has, and will continue to be, the next frontier for commercial competition.
Nike toont ballen en ziet verkoop fors stijgen.
De lekkerste parels in reclame
Ikea knalt even álle catalogi van de afgelopen 60 jaar online
De nieuwjaarsgroet van Boston Dynamics is een parel in content
Kijkplaatjes! Zo maak je reizen lekker aantrekkelijk.
Ik wil het even hebben over (remote) werk
Drie principes van een sterke remote cultuur
De video die me op een andere manier naar thuiswerken heeft doen kijken
Meest leerzame Twitter thread! 🐦
Drew Crawford
Mr. Beast just launched 300 restaurants virtually overnight and is now "dropshipping" burgers.

This isn’t the first time that the company behind this sensation has partnered with a celebrity influencer and created a viral virtual kitchen.

Time for a thread 👇👇👇
Drew Crawford
Using his 8m+ followers on Twitter and tens of millions more across other platforms, @MrBeastYT launched his own restaurant chain via an app which ended up crashing from the overload in traffic…
Drew Crawford
How in the heck was Mr. Beast able to scale up to 300 restaurants overnight?
Drew Crawford
With the help of Virtual Dining Concepts, founded by Robert and Robbie Earl, a father-son team.

Robert is the former CEO of Hard Rock Cafe and current founder / chairman of Planet Hollywood, with decades of experience in the restaurant industry.
Drew Crawford
His son Robbie brings the new age vision to an outdated industry, developing influencer relationships and staying on tech trends.
Drew Crawford
VDC is a Franchise-as-a-Service for influencers and restaurants. They partner with celebrities and pair their ability to drive demand with the supply of restaurateurs with existing kitchens.
Drew Crawford
The orders are then generated and fulfilled through delivery apps like GrubHub, DoorDash, Postmates and UberEats.
Drew Crawford
The celebrity influencers are investing their brand and ability to do promotion, while VDC is creating the intellectual property of the menu, branding, and strategy.
Drew Crawford
Take the hip-hop artist, @Tyga for example…

Who partnered with VDC to launch “Tyga Bites” - oven-baked boneless chicken bites.
Drew Crawford
The partnership developed a menu that was authentic to Tyga’s brand, with chicken nuggets being his “favorite snack when he doesn’t want to eat something heavy before performing.”

VDC was able to build a branded menu around Tyga and standardize the process.
Drew Crawford
VDC then reaches out to restaurants with existing kitchens and offers the opportunity to create a “delivery only restaurant” brand at no cost.
Drew Crawford
The restaurateur can leverage their existing restaurant’s kitchen by fulfilling for the branded chain and increase their restaurant sales with a “turnkey, celebrity backed, nationally marketed restaurant brand.”
Drew Crawford
The restaurateur gets instant demand. VDC and the influencer get paid for leveraging their brand and system.

Besides Mr. Beast and Tyga, VDC has gone on to launch “Mariah Carey's Cookies,” “Mario’s Tortas Lopez,” and “Pauly D’s Italian Subs.”

Same deal. Different brands.
Drew Crawford
Celebrity brings the brand. Entrepreneur brings the IP. Restaurant fulfills the orders. The delivery app worker completes the orders.

This is the restaurant franchise model of the future, Franchise-as-a-Service.
Drew Crawford
A high-margin, low-risk way to connect influencer audiences to local entrepreneurs.
Drew Crawford
Just imagine if Travis Scott or J Balvin came out with a ghost kitchen concept…
Drew Crawford
Instead of partnering with McDonalds to create their own meals, they could instantly launch their own restaurants and own the brand IP that they have created, capitalizing on more of the value chain and owning equity in the upside.
Drew Crawford
Influencers create credibility. Credibility sells. Restaurants need credibility.
Drew Crawford
So what about quality control?

Real restaurant owners know how hard it is to remain consistent quality across just one location, let alone hundreds…
Drew Crawford
So how can VDC and the influencers ensure that a Mr. Beast Burger being made by a kitchen in Boston and another in Dallas are of the same quality and brand standard?
Drew Crawford
That’s a tough one.

SOP’s help and I have no doubt that VDC has a set of back-office operating procedures sent to each operator that they choose to allow fulfillment for their brand in a particular market.
Drew Crawford
It’s not a perfect process, but over time the quality will become more standardized and predictable. In the meantime, there will be undercooked chicken sandwiches and underwhelming cheeseburgers.
Drew Crawford
The market will eventually force individual operators to be responsible for their output through customer reviews and the account health of their delivery app.
Drew Crawford
The audiences of the influencers will first give the influencers some slack in the beginning and even conduct customer service in the comments, but eventually the quality of the product and experience will become apparent.
Drew Crawford
There will be some bad concepts with crappy food, but with a solid team behind the scenes, the experience will get better each time.

Virtual Dining Concepts seems to be leading the way.
Drew Crawford
The future of franchising restaurant brands and "dropshipping" food is here.

Which influencer do you think will build an empire with this Franchise-as-a-Service business model?
Wat ik zelf publiceerde de afgelopen tijd.
Na drie jaar, 114 afleveringen en 25.000 listens stoppen we met de 1.44MB Podcast 💾
Tot de volgende!
- Matthijs
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