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Why Charge Money?

Our email inboxes are perhaps the most intimate digital real estate we possess. To subscribe to a newsletter that shows up regularly within such intimate confines is a gracious demonstration of trust.

So why pay the author money, as well?

For most of the internet's history, the costs of writing have been offset by selling advertising to third parties. This indirect form of funding required audiences of a sufficiently large size to be sustainable, which pushed writing downward toward listicles, clickbaity headlines, bold fonts, and other forms of degraded prose.

A newsletter cuts out the middle-men, though, allowing the relationship between author and readers to be unmediated by advertisements. A subscription to a newsletter comes near to being a covenant between the writer and readers, changing the dynamic between them (for the better).

The writer is suddenly obligated to write. The reader is, of course, still free to read or not. But by making their own investment in the writing, they now have a much stronger reason to read than they had previously. (We sacrifice for what we love, but sometimes we learn to love what we sacrifice for.)

Moreover, the writer is freed by such an investment to write what they ought to write--rather than being bound to placate as many people as possible, for the sake of selling advertisements at a sustainable rate. Whether those who subscribe to a newsletter or not ever read it, a subscription creates a surplus of energy for the writer, enabling them to carry on participating in a practice that others who do read will benefit from.

Or at least, that's how it seems to me right now.

How much is it?

This newsletter is about ethics, theology, and the form our lives should take in our late-modern world. Charging money for a newsletter is a matter of justice: while I think it's valuable for both sides of the relationship for there to be payment, I also recognize that not everyone can afford to pay it.

Some people are on limited incomes, due to employment difficulties or college bills. Others have peopled the world (hooray!), and so have few financial resources to spare. I actually do want my writing to be helpful to anyone.

So this is how I've decided to allow those who want to pay to do so.

Monthly Fee

I had hoped to make the cost entirely variable, so that you could decide yourself what you wanted to give. But that doesn't seem possible on Revue, at least not yet.

So the monthly fee is $3.

There are no special benefits for so-called 'full members.' But if you subscribe at this level, you'll help subsidize my writing for others who are not able to do so.


If for whatever reason $3 a month is unsustainable or unreasonable, click on any of the below links to sign up with the relevant discount. (You cannot enter a coupon code below.) It doesn't matter to me what your reasons are; if you think such writing is only worth $1 a month to you, or even $0 a month, that's fine.

$1 off per month: strider

(My 'take home' at this level is $1.53 a month.)

$2 off per month: samwise

(My take-home is $0.61 per month.)

$3 off per month: frodo

Thank you.

This is an experiment for me, one that I'm excited about. It seems to me that newsletters represent a way of reconfiguring the writer-reader relationship.

While I continue to be willing to write it for free, your monetary support will enable me to expand various ministries and works within my hometown that I have undertaken--and that, if you subscribe, you shall surely learn about through the newsletter itself.

So, thank you.

$ 3 per month
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