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By Matthew Cassinelli

What's New in Shortcuts - Issue #43



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Matthew Cassinelli
Matthew Cassinelli
Welcome to Issue 43 of “What’s New in Shortcuts” — iOS 16 is finally out, the iPhones 14 are in people’s hands, and that means it’s time for a new set of Shortcuts actions!
I’ve released my set of iOS 16 shortcuts below, which everyone can get for free — these are my own App Shortcuts-like folders for each of the new actions available for Voice Memos, Notes, Clock, Hotspot, Parked Cars, Safari, Background Removal, and Shortcuts.
Basically, I wanted each of you to immediately have a new shortcut for each action available, so you don’t have to generate them yourselves — get them below.
Plus, as you’ll see in this issue, I managed to go viral this week with over 3 million views, I shared an initial look at App Shortcuts in iOS 16, and tomorrow I’m hosting three app developers to talk about their implementations — enjoy:

📲 iOS 16 release
If you’re playing around with iOS 16, you might not immediately notice the 50+ new actions available in Shortcuts — I made a full set of shortcuts for you to play around with, which you can get in the Shortcuts Library.
I’m officially releasing these on my site soon, but readers can get the whole set now. Plus, I’ll be publishing my first members-only drop for iOS 16 shortly after — I’ll be emailing each release directly to members, so sign up for a membership if you haven’t yet.
📰 Stories of the Week
On Monday, Federico Viticci published his annual iOS review, and, as usual, he knocked it out of the park. I linked to the Shortcuts chapters on my blog, but here’s the main section for you to dig into as well:
iOS 16: The MacStories Review - MacStories - Part 7: Shortcuts
Scotty Jackson is back with another story about Agenda—which just got Shortcuts support, by the way—and how he’s opening into his daily journal using the Agenda URL via Shortcuts and the Lock Launcher app:
Easy Access to Daily Journals – HeyScottyJ
On Wednesday, I happened upon an awesome TikTok video using Background Removal and shared it on Twitter — and ended up getting over 2.5 million views on it!
Matthew Cassinelli
I freaking love this idea — with iOS 16, this guy is saving clips of every outfit he wears in the Notes app 🤯

With background removal, you can cleanly categorize almost anything 👌 https://t.co/9fw5mtbFTG https://t.co/5h20QlpuI9
In the thread, I also shared an “Outfit of the Day” shortcut to do exactly this, which I built using the new Remove Background from Image action in Shortcuts:
Matthew Cassinelli
Best part is… you can automate this entire experience with Apple’s Shortcuts app too!

There’s a new “Remove Background from Image” step that you can tie to any other action in Shortcuts.

I built this into an “Outfit of the Day” shortcut here: https://t.co/b3L5LEiVMm https://t.co/eK24qB57Ba
On Thursday, my column for iMore went out on App Shortcuts and how Apple is using this feature to solve their Siri problems — plus, I think it’s fairly clear now that Apple still considers the whole feature set as called “Siri Shortcuts”… whether we like that or not:
How Apple put its weight behind App Shortcuts in iOS 16 – Matthew Cassinelli
And finally, this afternoon, I published a quick guide that might help you if Spotlight on Mac isn’t indexing your shortcuts or Finder files — I found a few terminal commands that finally got the rebuilding process to take:
How to fix Recents in Finder on macOS Ventura by reindexing Spotlight using the Terminal – Matthew Cassinelli
Tomorrow, I am excited to host a few developers to talk about App Shortcuts and their experience adopting the new APIs from Apple this summer.
I’ll be speaking with Emmanuel Macro of CardPointers, Michael Tigas of Focused Work, and Will Bishop of Pestle, Chirp for Twitter, and Nano for Reddit at 5pm PST — join us live in the chat or catch the replay here:
Shortcuts Live – Adopting App Shortcuts in iOS 16 – Matthew Cassinelli
That’s all for this issue!
This coming week, I have a roundup on the way of all the iOS 16 apps that added App Shortcuts support — this group of apps has added around 300 individual shortcuts to my collection without me setting anything up at all, which is pretty sweet if you ask me.
Look for that link mid-week — I’m exactly not sure when, as part of my iMore team is off since the parent company Future is UK-based and they are observing the Queens’ funeral.
Otherwise, I’ll see you in the stream and in the next issue — have a good week 👋
Here is the previous issue:
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Matthew Cassinelli
Matthew Cassinelli @mattcassinelli

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