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By Matt Espinoza

🔷 Why I'm Dropping out of University... for 1 Week





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The Web3 Club
Hey I’m Matt, and welcome to my monthly newsletter for top web3 resources, incredible hidden gems, actionable life advice, & powerful startup principles - directly to your inbox 📬
🚀 TLDR (for this month);
  • Personal Update
  • Get Paid To Learn Web3/Crypto/Blockchain
  • My Favourite Things this Month
  • Top Web3 Reads
  • + a lot more!
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🆕 Personal Updates
It’s officially February (mid-February as I write this lol)! 🥇
January felt like a whole year for me, with lots of areas of personal improvement and growth.
In fact, I just got accepted into some of the most prestigious programs in North America with the most notable one being the ZFellows Program. Essentially it’s a program where they will give you $10K to skip class or work for 1 week. I’m one of 10 people selected for the latest cohort.
I’ve also been accepted to the KERNEL Batch 05 (learning about Ethereum with a group of 400+ web3 enthusiasts), Crypto Culture and Society Batch 02 (learning about web3 tokenomics and DAOs), and Safary (learning web3 growth tactics from the best in the industry).
I’ve also successfully rebranded my company from BitPerks to Agora, hired 2 growth leads, and officially announced the new CTO of my company
I’m honestly really happy with where I am in life, and so I hope this trajectory continues throughout the year.
Right, let’s get to it - time for this months roundup 🚀
~ Matt
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🧩 Get Paid To Learn Web3/Crypto/Blockchain
Recently got asked:
What’s the best way to get started learning about crypto/web3?
I personally recommend looking into companies that are offering an incentive to learn about new blockchains and protocols. These are my 2 favourites:
🐇 Rabbithole
💎 Layer3
Both of these give you the option to LEARN and then EARN by contributing either to DAOs or crypto applications. Once you have the firm understanding of how cryptocurrencies work you can certainly expand beyond these options, but I think it’s a great first option.
P.S. I also recommend getting a Coinbase account to manage your crypto portfolio
💠 My Favourite Things This Month
🎬 YouTube Video - The Problems with NFTs by Folding Ideas is a 2-hour video explaining the “damage” of NFTs. Very eye-opening concepts were brought up.
🎧 Audiobook - Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. Always been fascinated by how to increase luck for success and this gives a great insight into how the best in the world (ex: Bill Gates) were able to move life in his favour. Very actionable advice throughout.
🎧 Audiobook - The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor. We are more successful the happier we are - not the other way around. Inner circles are so important to thrive in life.
🎧 Audiobook - The Third Door by Alex Banayan. Been obsessed with “success factors” this past month. This book dives into mentors and how to break into and dominate any industry.
🥇 Creating Your Own Currency
Free Event on Launching Your Own Token
Free Event on Launching Your Own Token
I’m doing a free webinar for the next 2 weeks about how ANY person can launch their own currency (ex: $MATT token) to the internet.
Limited to 200 spots.
Book your free spot here -> [CLICK ME]
🔗 Top Reads This Month (worth your time! 💯)
The CEO with an Empty Calendar
📬 Tweet of the Week
💬 Quote of the Month
“Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good.”
From Outliers by Malcom Gladwell. Resurfaced using Readwise
🛠 Ending Remarks
Normally this is a weekly newsletter, but for the time being I’m setting this up as a monthly newsletter as my life has been (awesomely) hectic recently.
Also, I’ve rebranded the newsletter from “Building a Digital Brain” to “Web3 Club” as I’ve gotten feedback that you all want more specific actionable ideas rather than general ones.
Also also, as you may have noticed, I’m now opening spots for advertisements in this newsletter. So if you’re a founder or builder in web3 / startup world and want to feature your product or service fill out the form and we can see if it’s a good fit!
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Until next month,
Matt | @mattespoz 👨🏻‍💻
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Matt Espinoza
Matt Espinoza @mattespoz

👋 Hey I'm Matt, and welcome to my monthly newsletter for top web3 resources, incredible hidden gems, actional life advice, and powerful principles for building startups - directly to your inbox

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