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🔷 THIS is Why You Will Fail

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Measuring success is difficult.
But more often than not, it’s not whether we succeed or fail, it’s how we measure our success.
As humans (and overachievers), we often set up too high expectations for ourselves.
If our questions dictate our motives, our identify dictates our actions.
Our high “ideals” for success leads to:
(1) High Burnout Rate
(2) Low Motivation
Here’s the thing…
You NEED small milestones to start a feedback loop
The outrageous statement of “$100k per month” without any traction won’t get to you to where you want to go - and in fact, just make you feel like a bump.
Instead, shoot for a more reasonable $500 per month. Once you reach that milestone you get an IMMEDIATE dopamine effect leading you to be able to push for another $500 in that month.
The final component of success driving is the question you pose yourself.
This is what a simple change in a question can do:
“How do I lose weight”
-> “How do I maintain a healthy lifestyle
"How do I get rich”
-> “How do I provide value”
“How do I meet famous people”
-> “What can I give them in return for their time”
Questions make up the foundation of your “success ideals” so be sure to craft them accordingly.

📱 Things I've Made For You
🌐 I’ve completely REVAMPED my personal website with Atul Joshy and the best part? It’s 100% through Notion (and a bit of CSS tweaking 😉). Worthwhile to see the FULL possibilities of a Notion website in action!
🎬 Along with the personal website, I’ve curated a list of my TOP YouTube equipment I recommend for those just getting started in their content game (HERE - ACCESS SHOP)
📬 Tweet(s) of the Week
Matthew Espinoza | 🚀
Normalize Success.

Don’t give “participation awards” for being there.

Give a “pat on the back” for BOTH the winners and the losers.

Because if life has taught me anything it’s that true winners don’t need external validation- success mindset is just in our blood.
Matthew Espinoza | 🚀
Opportunities are everywhere.

I find as I grow my presence online, they have a way of coming to me.
🔗 My Favourite Things Thing Week
How I Learned To Program At 16 Years Old | by Kristina Arezina | Noteworthy - The Journal Blog
🚀 What I'm Learning
Been having fun learning how to program in my free time. Here is a list of resources I’m currently using:
Your Career in Web Development Starts Here | The Odin Project
💎 Top App of the Week
This is a new “section” I’m trying but I want to start sharing some of my favourite applications that I use on a daily basis.
As school dies down, or as you might be preparing for exams, I highly recommend using RemNote to accelerate your studies and study SMARTER not HARDER.
I credit RemNote for my perfect GPA, while also having the ability to have “more time” than most students in my university year.
Best Part? There is a free plan that can fit all of your studying capabilities! Try Remnote for Free >
💬 Powerful Quote
It’s easier to change yourself than to change the world - Naval
Heavily focused on having some “upgrades” to this weekly newsletter to jam-pack some more informational tidbits.
As you may have noticed I recently added:
(1) 🔗 My Favourite Things Thing Week
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(3) New Unique signature at the bottom
Let me know (by REPLYING) if you enjoy these newsletter experiments and I’ll be sure to add more of them!
Next week we are going to be discussing how to create the environment for an idea-generating machine ⚙️- and capture those million dollar ideas!
Until then,
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