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  • The 2 questions I ask everyone famous person I meet
  • Why I failed to make a podcast… (sorry guys!)
  • My new favourite tool for mental frameworks
  • New updates to the weekly newsletter
  • + a lot more!
🌱 The 2 Questions I Ask Everyone I Meet
I’ve been meeting a lot of people virtually (and in-person 👀) recently. And in every opportunity, I try to gain the most valuable nuggets in the shortest amount of time. After constant testing, I find these 2 questions lead to the highest results:
Let’s break that down.
1. What’s one thing you would tell your younger self that you feel would exponentially increase your growth
In the 1st question, I give them the opportunity to do some internal reflection to discover what their top skills are (startups, academics, blockchain etc.). From here, I can now deep dive into what areas I’m most interested in. At this point in the conversation, I can ask questions like “what are some resources you recommend to get started” and “what are some myths about the industry you’re in.”
2. Based from what you know of me, whose one person you think I’d connect well with?
The 2nd question, I often ask at the end of a conversation. This allows me to ultimately funnel for the right type of person. By asking them to refer me to one more interesting person, I’m always meeting more interesting and targeted friends as I go on more calls.
For those serious learners, I recommend writing these questions down on a sticky note and putting them on your laptop to remind yourself to ask these questions every time you meet someone new.
😭 Why I failed to make a podcast... (sorry guys!)
At the beginning of the summer, I planned on making a podcast around the crypto x creator economy! In fact, I bought $1K+ worth of podcast equipment, set up the website, and even had 7+ top interviewees lined up! But ultimately I decided not to execute the launch.
It came down to the purpose behind it all.
I realized I only wanted a podcast for 3 main reasons.
(1) To connect with industry leaders
(2) To grow my audience
(3) To monetize growth through sponsorships
But I realized something.
I could easily achieve those WITHOUT a podcast. In fact, a podcast would just take a long time to produce each episode, and it would more sense to direct that time towards a better medium.
Ultimately, I decided it was best to use a rapidly growing platform like Tik Tok or double down on YouTube rather than start on a completely new platform. That being said, I can see myself doing a podcast in 3-5 years in the future if it fits with my schedule then. But for now, I’d rather start growing a Tik Tok account instead. 😉
📬 Tweet of the Week
Matt Espinoza | 🚀
Finally releasing BlockPerks to the public🦄 ! (

We are creating a way for web 3.0 creators to:
- launching social tokens
- rewarding fans w/ NFT's
- monetizing their content

We've already secured partnerships with top crypto & influencer agencies 👀
💠 My Favourite Tools This Week
UnTools - I’ve spent HOURS (yes hours) deciding on what productivity tool to use (Notion vs. Obsidian vs. Remnote etc.). I’ve stumbled upon this website, and it allows for great mental models for solving mental problems!
BlockBase - allows integration to forward emails to the Notion database. Still testing out a couple of interesting use cases!
🚀 What I'm Learning
There are a couple of areas I’ve been learning a lot about recently. Here are some of those topics:
  • NFT’s + Web 3.0 Economy
  • Development with Solidify
  • Venture Capital (been pitching to lots of investors recently!)
  • Crypto Tokenomics
  • Founder Fundamentals (I have a weekly workshop I attend)
💬 Powerful Quote: Dreams + Reality
“Maybe one day we’ll find the place where our dreams and reality collide.”
🛠 Updates
I’ve made some updates to this newsletter recently (as you may have noticed!). This upcoming week I’m going to start focusing on my content game (Newsletters, YouTube, Twitter)
I’ve also considered adding some affiliate links + sponsorships as well within the niche I’m in (productivity tools, events, etc.)
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Until next week,
Matt | @mattespoz 👨🏻‍💻
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