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By Matt Espinoza

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The Web3 Club
I’m sure we all have that friend where we share our latest insights, goals, and ambitions to…
But after receiving TONS of messages these past few days about building businesses, finding team members, growing passive income, and finding your purpose, I wanted to finally create a group where you learn the answer to those questions and more!
I’m calling this group The Inner Circle
A group of high-leverage individuals who want to make money online by building products and teams bigger than themselves.
I’m building this with my business partner Charles and other individuals to be able to share our knowledge around the topic!

⭕️ How to Join the Community?
For those who want to be a part of this community, you can join the basic access through this discord link ⮕
Although those who want more exclusive access with perks such as:
  • 📍 Name In Credits
  • 🚨Exclusive Discord Channels
  • 🎥 Early Screening of New Videos
  • 🧙‍♂️ Behind the Scene Content
  • 💌 Monthly Q & A’s
  • ⭕️ Inner Circle - Group Coaching
Will be able to upgrade for less than a Netflix subscription, to be able to access those rewards every month!
If you’re interested in the upgrade check out
📱 Deep Dive in Inner Circle
Join the Inner Circle Community 🚀
Join the Inner Circle Community 🚀
In this video I explain a bit more in-depth about the community that is being built in the Inner Circle and the way we are going to leverage community events, influential people, and mentorship to make this group learn and grow together 🚀
📬 Tweet of the Week
Matthew Espinoza 🚀
If you're not motivated to move forward in your business, you need to reconsider the angle your approaching it
Every startup I’ve worked for has had at least one immigrant founder.

More immigrants => more startups => more jobs
💬 Powerful Quote
“Extraordinary relationships require extraordinary people”
I hope to see you as a part of The Inner Circle Community!
This is only week #9, and trust me when I say these next couple issues are going to tackle some high-focus topics like time-blocking, team building, and idea creation
See you in next week’s issue!
~Matt “Building Community” Espinoza
P.S. I think I should set an EXACT TIME for these weekly issues, that way you can be expecting them in your inbox on a recurring basis. For now, I’m shooting for having them released every Sunday at 7 PM EST - although I’m up for another time. REPLY to this email for any suggestions!
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Matt Espinoza
Matt Espinoza @mattespoz

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