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🔷 The Extra-Ordinary Fallacy

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Hey fellow high-achievers,
I wish I had some insight to share this week, but I’ve been focusing heavily on building components and systems in my crypto venture (BitPerks).
As such, this week is a guest post from my amazing friend Digvijay, he is exploring interdisciplinary ideas & concepts - beginning with being extraordinary. Enjoy!
I have always been curious about the lives of extraordinary individuals. One thing most of them have in common is the way they treated their work, as “work of art”.
As Eric Booth puts it:
Every time someone does their best work, one engages in the inner actions of arts.
As philosophical as this may sound, treating your work as art is an incredible mental model. It involves you being obsessed with the process, immersing yourself in it and understanding that it’s a never-ending pursuit. Study the mindset of artists, add their values to your mental toolbox.
Work done this way provides meaning. It helps you live a more satisfied and fulfilling life.
In the words of Matthew Crawford:
The satisfactions of manifesting oneself concretely in the world through manual competence makes a man quite & easy. 
It starts with slowing down, going deep into what you do. Synergizing to create value. Things as little as having an opinion about the softwares and tools you prefer adds up to a better approach. 
The media have represented a false image of art being this exclusive & sacred verb only for a few select humans. Inculcating the traits of an artist in your everyday work is transformative.
Thank you Digvijay, for that inspiring and thought-provoking snippet - and for saving me from the joy of sleep deprivation.
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~ Matt

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The $10 Rule #shorts
The $10 Rule #shorts
The principles in this video still stay true to my systems in life today. It is a quick 1-minute video that will change the way you view high vs. low leverage activities!
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Even the darkest nights will end and the sun will rise - Victor Hugo
Currently, I’m back at home living with my grandparents to celebrate the long weekend. It was moments of the family that truly makes you appreciate the little things in life.
I’ve always had a struggle between productivity and family/relationships and I feel for once I’ve finally matched the balance.
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To Your Successful Self,
Matthew “The Hustle Never Stops” Espinoza,
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