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The Web3 Club
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  • Top tools for Black Friday
  • A quote to resonate with
  • December plans + newsletter goals
  • + a lot more!
As Krish states, I’ve been a bit over a month and a half since my last newsletter, but trust me the updates are worth it 😉
First off, since today is Thanksgiving in the states (and according to my analytics most of the people who subscribe are from there!) I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to those who have been on this journey with me since the beginning. I started this newsletter back in February and it has grown to over 1k+ through word of mouth and recommendations!
🌱 Here are some life updates (from the last month alone)
  • Got hired by Facebook/Meta as Creator Growth position
  • Got accepted into Jemi (YC20) Fellowship
  • Got hired by Virtually (YC20) as Growth Lead
  • Got accepted into the final stage of Next 36
  • Working w/ one of the 15 top publishers in North America to create THE FIRST EVER tokenized-owned book (more details coming in Jan)
  • Confirmed funding from one of my startups
  • Working on stealth projects w/ my new startup friends!
  • Moving forward with the DESO Developer Grant
💠 My Favourite Tools + Books For Black Friday
With Black Friday sales, I figured I’d share some of the lesser-known tools that I use quite often!
1. TubeBuddy - honestly so great for YouTube analytics and ensuring tags for ranking and SEO
2. 4-Hour Work Week - literally a life-changing book and the reason I got into entrepreneurship in the first place.
3. Remnote - my go-to studying application for getting high marks and maximizing learning times
.. and ofc a quick plug..
P.S. My Ultimate Notion Template is now on sale for dirt cheap until this weekend! Feel free to snag it before it goes back up in price!
P.S.S. My Skillshare Class on Increasing Your Reading Speed is also available for free for 1 month!
📬 Tweet(s) of the Week
Matt Espinoza
Working on pioneering something HUGE in web 3.0 w/ @erickoester 👀
Matt Espinoza
Web 3.0 allows for collective ownership (DAO) in a group - those who are early supporters can capture the upside of that community token.

🧩 This allows for two powerful components:
1. Creates a new layer of 'culture'
2. The asset of the token = value creation
💬 Powerful Quote: Dreams + Reality
“People spend too much time doing and not enough time thinking about what they should be doing.” - Naval Ravikant
Admittedly one of those people, but this past month I have been really dialling in where I see myself in the future, and the people I want to be with.
🛠 Updates
My life has been awesomely hectic these last few days and I want to continue with this weekly newsletter once things calm down a bit.
For those hardcore individuals who want to get more updates on the cool stuff I’m working on here 2 things I recommend:
1) Join my Discord (planning on setting up events + cash prizes!)
2) Connect w/ me on Updately (daily updates from me!)
If you made it this far, hit REPLY and tell me what you thought of this newsletter. What did you love? What didn’t you like so much? I read every response 🤩
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Until next week,
Matt | @mattespoz 👨🏻‍💻
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Matt Espinoza
Matt Espinoza @mattespoz

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