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🔷 Relationships in Startups 💔

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Hey, it’s Matt,
And honestly, I will admit this is a topic that I never thought I’d dive into…
But I felt it was an area that simply hasn’t been fully explored in the startup/productivity culture.
Here’s what I’ll dive into this issue:
1 - 😉 can/should you date when building cool projects
2 - 🤮 how do you get rid of negative/toxic people
3 - 😍 how to build powerful lifelong relationships
note: what you will read if you continue are my views on the topic, keep that in mind…
Before we dive into that… I’m working closely with Atul Joshy, to start the process for consistent content creation. So if you’re interested in working with me on YouTube videos and other social platforms [FILL OUT THIS FORM] to be a part of the team!
Now on to the newsletter! ⬇️

Let’s chat about dating for a second. 😉
(1) Simply put, a true relationship requires 2 main components:
Time & Energy.
For me, relationships are like adding another startup/business to your schedule. If you can manage it then consider it, if you can’t then don’t let it cloud your judgement.
That’s not to say it isn’t possible. Just remember it’s a 2 person relationship and if you don’t have those 2 components, then it really isn’t fair for either party involved.
Personally, when first diving fully into BitPerks I put all outside commitments (especially dating) to an end. Allowing me to singularity focus on my startup - and I haven’t regretted my decision for a second.
As for those already in a relationship here’s a great quote by Naval that I come back to often:
When you’re dating, the instant you know this relationship is not going to be the one that leads to marriage, you should probably move on. When you’re studying something, like a geography or history class, and you realize you are never going to use the information, drop the class. It’s a waste of time. It’s a waste of your brain energy.
(2) 🤮
Toxic people are a bit easier to identify.
As they are likely taking away your time & energy through negative judgement.
I recommend creating a shortlist with the top 5 people in your life that elevate you, and the top 5 people that bring you down.
This will allow you to recognize those who aren’t bringing value to your life.
(3) 😍
Now let’s chat about lifelong friendships
There are 2 ways I recommend approaching this:
1) Setup recurring calls (ex: I have a booked call with my closest friends every 2 weeks to catch up)
2) Actively meeting 1-2 new people every week either through cold email, message, or close connection recommendation.
Relationships are honestly soo underrated yet they are considered one of the “pillars” of having an awesome life. So don’t take it lightly.
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💎 My Favourite Apps This Week
Typefully - allows you to create seamless Twitter threads. As I continue to explore Twitter and its applications, definitely a cool app worthwhile app to look into.
Mailbrew - sends you a daily newsletter that is particularly personalized FOR YOU. It’s always great to wake up and see an easy overview of all the material I need to know in one email.
🚀 What I'm Learning
Honestly have been loving audiobooks this past week!! I found an online hack to get ANY audiobook for FREE 😉
I’m thinking of selling a small PDF guide + video tutorial on how to do it soon! Send a REPLY if you want early access/get notified when I release it! 📚
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💬 Ending Remarks
As mentioned in my previous newsletter, I’ve currently diving into the topics of Lucid Dreaming + Muscle Building in my free time.
Next week I will be sharing some insights on one of those topics + some resources for those wanting to accelerate their learnings in that area.
To your success,
~ Matt “Building My Team” Espinoza
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