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🔷 Reaching 137K Market Cap in 4 Hours

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This week has UNDOUBTEDLY been the most insane week of my life…
From starting a whole new venture around cryptocurrencies to breaking my old beliefs and habits, to meeting some influential people in the process - all while tackling exams.
Let’s get into it…

😳 My UnForgettable Week
Last Friday night was the launch of my first cryptocurrency venture - BitPerks.
A platform in which creators can monetize their presence online through rewards and incentives.
Within a 4-hour period, we did one of the most INSANE marketing setups leading up to reach a market cap valuation of 137K within 4 hours!
We got some big-name investors backing us up (and sharing!) the project to others!
This week has been meeting after meeting, with investors, managers of influencers/creators (inc. Keemstar, and Logan Paul), as well as fully developing the back-end setup of the project with the team.
We are currently going through the process of:
  • Getting 10-15 beta-testers into the program
  • Expanding our development team to reach our timeline goals
  • Expanding our outreach to bigger platforms (Podcasts + YouTube)
You can definitely expect more updates about the project in the weeks to come, as I’ll definitely be working on this FULL-TIME during the summer!
🌱 The Secret to Building Effective Teams
I’m just going to say it…
The idea of “solopreneurs” are just business wannabes who are just ASKING to get burnt out…
There is no such thing as a million-dollar per year business run on a single person - that’s called a lottery folks.
The true business empires are built with motivated individuals backing up an idea bigger than themselves.
A team is a MUST if you want to scale your business/entrepreneurial projects TO THE NEXT LEVEL!
And with the 4 co-founders of BitPerks, I truly believe we have the perfect squad to build this platform
@calix - the ultimate developer
@charles1 - the connection builder
@ethan1 - the legal and bookkeeper guy
@matt1 (me) - the idea and execution guy
In particular, our areas of expertise are so vast that we can easily focus on high leverage activities in multiple departments (at the same time!)
When building teams, it comes down to 2 main steps
1) Find an individual’s “secret sauce” that they can use to leverage the team
2) Build a group that have contrasting talent & skills to be able to do multiple activities at once
📬 Tweet of the Week
Matthew Espinoza 🚀
What I Ask Myself Everyday: "Are you satisfied with what you have accomplished? What would make the difference?"
BitPerks | Monetize Your Creator Coin
JUST LAUNCHED the first way to Monetize Your Creator Coin on BitClout! Sign up for Beta ⬇️
( 🚀
🚀 Where I've Been Featured
My newest venture (BitPerks) has been featured in a couple of notable places this past week:
1) BitCloutHunt - the “product hunt” of BitClout Projects
2) CloutPress - tracking the large news events within the BitClout Economy
3) CloutTrack - Top Trade Volume Coins per Hour
💬 Powerful Quote
“This is not something new we have created, this is something we have been building from the beginning but we didn’t know it yet” - Ethan Soucy (business partner)
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Here’s to making this summer the best one yet,
Matthew “Wealth Creation” Espinoza
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