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By Matt Espinoza

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The Web3 Club
Hey friends it’s Matt again,
And YUP, I made the same mistake again… (we’ll get to that in a second)
But first of all, a HUGE celebration for us reaching 500+ email subscribers after only the 5th issue! We are currently 6 issues in, and the number of responses and comments I get to this email newsletter has been UNMATCHED - so thank you, guys!
You may recall that I publicly committed to posting a new YouTube video every week of March… well, I did for the first 2 weeks… but then this past week I failed and didn’t post anything.
I realize I continue being pulled by a multitude of passion projects, from my personal website, cryptocurrencies, social media presence, and academics.
Instead of committing to 1 new video a week, I want to commit to completing something related to social presence.
By looking at projects as “getting it ENTIRELY” completed (and inevitably failing) I should instead look at projects as chunks of progress.
The massive task of ‘1 new video“ vs. ”editing or recording a video“ is a lot more manageable and allows for me to focus on multiple topics - while still progressing in each of them.
Small progress in all areas of life - leading to huge future gains 🚀

🌱 My Favourite Things This Week
1 - LunchClub - to further my connection building, I have been using this application called LunchClub for the last 4 weeks to meet CEOs, product developers, and (hopefully!) future Co-Founders from all around the world. It’s been a great tool to share insights on topics.
2 - MindValley’s Lifebook Program - currently diving into the pillars of my life (relationships, finance, health, etc.) in this comprehensive course helping you find your life purpose. Been loving the progress so far, and I’ve certainly noticed an improvement in my weak “pillars” such as emotion and character.
📱 Resurfacing Pre-Made Content
How to Speed Read (ULTIMATE GUIDE) || How to Read A Book In A Day
How to Speed Read (ULTIMATE GUIDE) || How to Read A Book In A Day
Speed Reading is one of the TOP-SKILLS worth learning in 2021! In the video I breakdown my (now infamous) Speed Reading Formula (L.I.V.E.S.) on how to double/triple your reading speed - trust me it’s a worthwhile watch!
📬 Tweet(s) of the Week
Matthew Espinoza 🚀
It’s not what you know, or who you know, its WHO KNOW YOU
Digvijay Singh Rathore
fellas: you just have to check out @MattEspoz's newsletter, superb content on productivity and life in general:
🚀 What I'm Learning
I’m getting really deep into cryptocurrencies, and most especially I’ve just opened up my account on BitClout so if you’re want to literally INVEST in me, that option is there. As of sending this to you, my “Matthew Espinoza” coin is worth a total market cap of $400 USD, and it’s only going up from there!
(if you have any questions about the process, just REPLY to this email, and I’ll help you with that process!)
💬 Powerful Quote
Success comes down to how badly you want it, and what are you willing to do get it
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Remember me when you’re successful,
Matthew “Building Wealth” Espinoza
P.S. In these next week couple of weeks, I plan on releasing a full-fledge free mini-course on Speed Reading on Skillshare, I’ll update you guys when it gets released!
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Matt Espinoza
Matt Espinoza @mattespoz

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