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🔷 My (INSANELY!) Productive Birthday

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The BIGGEST question ALWAYS I get is:
“Matt, how can you run a business, excel in academics, be a YouTuber, be writing a book, and still having time for family and friends and a REAL social life.”
And ultimately it comes down to the pillars of my life, and my routine and habits.
Here are some of my non-negotiables:
  • Talk to someone more successful than you at least 1x per week
  • Do a Weekly Routine (clear downloads, email, and mental space)
  • Mon-Thur only listen to personal growth - NOTHING else
  • Follow the 5 x5 Rule - envision your goals for 5 minutes in the morning and at night
  • Check your inbox (Instagram, Email, etc.) only TWICE per day (12:30 / 7:30)
  • Only watch movies Fridays & Saturday - and never alone
It was when I followed these ideas to perfection, that I saw immediate gains in how quickly I became the person I wanted to be.

🎂 My (Optimized) Productive Birthday
If you haven’t already check out my latest YouTube video talking about my (fully optimized) Notion Setup - to get a deep dive on how I optimize focus for life.
There are 2 very special days every year that I set my biggest ambitions in my life - New Year’s Eve & my Birthday (Mar. 16th). On these days I have the most clarity on what I’ve accomplished and where I want to go - accordingly, I can make the best decisions of my goals moving forward.
Ultimately, to have the most productive birthday - set goals for your future self.
P.S. Thank you, everyone, for the Birthday wishes! 🎁
📱 Resurfacing Pre-Made Content
What's on My iPhone 2020?!? || Best Productivity Apps
What's on My iPhone 2020?!? || Best Productivity Apps
To this DAY I still preach, what this video says about optimizing your iPhone for productivity - a worthwhile watch! Next week you’ll see a YouTube video about my $10 Rule - I’m quite excited to share this one with you all! For now, tap the bell icon to get notified 😉
📬 Tweet(s) of the Week
Matthew Espinoza 🚀
The 4 most dangerous words are “I Already Know That”
Matthew Espinoza 🚀
People focus so much on effective morning routine, and they completely ignore that night routine are half the battle
🚀 What I'm Learning
Currently diving head-first into the micro-content and macro-content that Gary Vee preaches about. Deep in the process of repurposing the content of my life and monetizing each aspect of it. I’ll definitely document the process so you all can replicate it in your own life. I plan on executing these ideas once my podcast launches in the next couple of months - so stay tuned for that!
💬 Powerful Quote
“To actually implement stuff, I need to go and practise it” - Digvijay
Hope you found something valuable here!
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This is only weekly #5, and I got so many more plans for the secret content to share with you guys!
~Matt “Birthday Boy” Espinoza
P.S. Just updated my Personal Website so feel free to be able to book me as a speaker, or see the work I’ve done in other areas of my life!:
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