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I will admit, I’ve been wrong.
In my journey to learning faster, and finding the definition of success, I have made my fair share of mistakes, lost money, and missed out on worthwhile opportunities.
Back in March, I said that “iPad Pro notes are better than writing or even typing on the computer.” And I have since moved 100% from that mechanism (more details below)
And quite recently, I lost money on a bad investment deal as I wasn’t 100% aware or even in control of the situation.
And of course, there is the missed personal growth from not learning my skills (that I know have) earlier in my life such as Learning How to Learn.
But as my business partner always reminds me, “it’s simply a learning opportunity.”
And truly, I would rather make these mistakes NOW than 15 years down the line where those mistakes could build on top of others.

📝 Why I Stopped Writing Notes on my iPad Pro
For those who followed me in March, I was a huge advocate for writing notes on the iPad Pro. And I even had a WHOLE Instagram Post on why it’s better than taking handwritten notes (CLICK ME)
And although I do (currently) stay true about my ways of having digital notes over paper notes, I have now moved the systems over to typing on the computer.
For example, my Notion Workflow combined with Remnote has been a POWERHOUSE for spaced repetition and active recall of topics - as well as just structured organization.
The big thing I realized is that by taking notes on the iPad Pro you are limiting yourself to short-term memory potential. And by having effective systems (like the ones I mentioned), you are opening the doors to more effective (and personal) long-term notes.
📱 Resurfacing Pre-Made Content
I know, I know, I said there would be a new piece of content this week…
BUTTT for now you can rest satisfied that I still had a productive week. AND if you’d like you can help me on my journey of getting this video to 1K (currently at 971 views) 👇
The BEST Productivity App of 2020 (+ FREE Template) || Notion for Students
The BEST Productivity App of 2020 (+ FREE Template) || Notion for Students
New month, new me, and I plan on building my personal presence online - starting this new week!
📬 Tweet of the Week
Matthew Espinoza 🚀
Reading without notes taking is a waste of what could have been possible personal growth
🚀 What I'm Learning
I just applied to take a course to get into the Venture Capitalist space - an area that has recently piqued my interest. The course starts on March 7, and I’m excited to take my findings into my future program/coaching services.
💬 Powerful Quote
If you can live your life without an audience… you should do it - Amy
For those who read all the way until here, here are the next 3-5 videos I plan on making soon!
  • How I Managed a Team of 25+ People Using a Single Application
  • How I Aced My Exams (with 4 hours of studying)
  • The $10 Rule - The Secret to My Success
  • How I Do My Weekly Review Process (for maximum productivity)
  • How I Organize and Plan my Life (Using Notion)
Hit REPLY to this email, and let me know which one you want to see first!
I hope you got some value, I’ll see everyone next week + with a new video on my YouTube channel as well!
~Matt “Admitting My Mistakes” Espinoza
P.S. I just launched my personal website on Friday! You can check it out here:
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