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I don’t know the right way to say this…
Last month I hired 3 virtual assistants to help me increase my productivity.
And the RESULTS have been insane 😳
Here’s the thing though…
I feel like every time I say the word “virtual assistants” people get three main assumptions:
  • “You need to be a millionaire to have one”
  • “They are super expensive”
  • “Why would I need one, I can save money instead”
And honestly, I used to have those same myths too!
In fact, you can likely get an assistant for around $5-10/hour depending on where you hired them.
You’d be trading time for money (and honestly at a really good price!).
Here are some tasks I’ve outsourced:
  • GumRoad Templates (here)
  • Relationships/Dating (still experimenting with this one 😅)
  • Updating Description/Tags on YouTube
  • Editing YT Videos (starting this week!)
  • Website + Personal Brand Updates
  • Email responding (on my behalf) + categorization
  • + much more!
The next level for productivity starts with VA’s 🚀

📱 What I Made For You - My Ultimate Notion Template
One of THE MOST requested items that I share has undoubtedly been my Notion templates for productivity, learning, & notes. 👇
It’s honestly grossly unpriced (less than $10 bucks) for the next couple of days, so feel free to snag it before it’s too late!
Matthew Espinoza - Ultimate Notion Template
📬 Tweet of the Week
Matt Espinoza | 🚀
Never get “satisfied” confused with “proud.”

Although I’m PROUD of where I am in life, I will never be SATISFIED.
Matt Espinoza | 🚀
What would you be doing if there were no way you could fail?
🔗 My Favourite Things Thing Week
Pioneer - The network for ambitious outsiders
💎 Top App(s) of the Week
Alfred (shortcuts app) - allows you to do quick capture features for shortcuts across your computer. Ultimately saving seconds from life.
KosmotTime - essentially a better Google Calendar as it automatically integrations tasks directly in it + tons of unexplored features. Still experimenting to see how to add it to my workflow!
💬 Powerful Quote
“There’s honestly no way to say "virtual assistant” without sounding like an absolute douche ; except when Matt says it"
These last few weeks have been quite occupied with calls with investors + cool people, but I plan on continuing to set this up on a weekly basis moving forward! 🚀
Next week we are going to be discussing how to create the environment for an idea-generating machine ⚙️- and capture those million dollar ideas!
Until then,
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