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By Matt Espinoza

🔷 How YouTube Saved Me





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The Web3 Club
I made a promise to you guys (all 400+ of you) last week…
That I was going to release a new YouTube video…
And the highly requested video of:
Notion (Dashboard + Setup) - How I Organize My Life” will be released today (Mar. 9 @ 1:00 PM).
As many of you know, the Notion application has been a life-changer for me. And I credit it as one of the reasons why I can manage a full-time business, get top marks in school, and still have time for personal growth and family.
And if it wasn’t for discovering Notion through YouTube I wouldn’t have been the person I am today.
But time and time again, I see many people not using Notion to its full potential - and that’s (honestly) just a waste 🗑
The POINT of productivity applications is to make the most of them and to maximize every aspect of them.
As I always say:
If you put in 2 hours setting up your productive life, you will get 6 hours of time back into your life.
Simply put - YouTube saved me from a life of stress and burnout.

🌱 Why I Develop Systems
A lot of people know me as either 3 main things:
1) “That Notion Guy”
2) “The Accelerated Learner”
3) “That Systems Guy”
The first 2, I would say, are self-explanatory. But it’s the 3 one in which I really shine.
Ever since I learned about Tiago Forte’s work, I’ve been adapting my life around the P.A.R.A methodology and have been building systems around me.
For example, not only did I film a YouTube video this week, but I also created a process (checklist + criteria + short video) for future video editors on how I like my videos to be created.
The idea around systems is to be able to live a life of delegation and freedom. And if you build systems that others can use (also SOP’s), you can stop doing routine processes and focus on the 80% of tasks that will change your life - rather than the 20% stopping your personal growth.
📱 My First YouTube Video of 2021
Notion (Dashboard + Setup) - How I Manage My Life
Notion (Dashboard + Setup) - How I Manage My Life
This video will be set as a premier! I promise that it will change the way you see Notion. All Notion SECRETS revealed!
📬 Tweet(s) of the Week
Matthew Espinoza 🚀
RITUAL FOR LIFE: meet with someone who is where you want to be
Matthew Espinoza 🚀
Reading without notes taking is a waste of what could have been possible personal growth
🚀 What I'm Learning
Currently, I’m dabbling into affiliate marketing, and furthering my growth into passive income streams. One of my goals for 2021, is to build 3 forms of passive income streams. The first being my top-rated academy, and the other 2 sources are still coming down the pipeline. Although, one of them will certainly be a list of my top recommended gear for YouTubers beginners (coming next week!)!
💬 Powerful Quote
Don’t let short term emotions affect long term decisions - Sigil Wen
I’ve gotten so many great responses from this weekly newsletter (since I started it at the beginning of this year) and plan on continuing to impact people through my methodologies of success.
And if you’ve been enjoying these weekly newsletters, have your friends also join this community by sharing them [THIS LINK] to subscribe to these newsletters as well!
Next week I plan on tackling the rituals necessary for a successful life - they are pillars of which I live by, and my operating systems of life.
To Your Success Self,
Matthew “Consistent YouTuber” Espinoza
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Matt Espinoza
Matt Espinoza @mattespoz

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