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🔷 How I'm 10x my personal growth every month

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🚀 TLDR (for this month);
  • Personal Update (growth hack)
  • Top Learning DAOs
  • My Favourite Things this Month
  • Top Web3 Reads
  • + a lot more!
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🆕 Personal Updates
It’s officially March (it’s actually my birthday today! 🎂 )
Another insane 30 days.
This month, I’ve been featured in this innovative tech podcast, featured on Talent Protocol’s Twitter Space, featured in this VC Newsletter, met amazing top founders and VCs at ZFellows, accepted into Microsoft’s tech mentorship, revamped my personal website, revamped my web3 community, joined the Developer DAO, bought a fractionalized Azuki NFT, and paid company taxes.
The company I co-founded (Agora) recently got accepted into the Envision Accelerator Program, and have received the $10K Harmony Protocol Grant
I thought last month was insane in terms of accomplishments, but this month it’s been unreal! So grateful for everyone in my life.
Right, let’s get to it - time for this months roundup 🚀
~ Matt
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🧩 Becoming ZERO to HERO in Web3 Economy
Crypto/Web3 might be one of the most confusing areas to get started on.
To get your foot into the door I recommend these resources which helped me when I was first started getting into the space:
🔥 Learning DAOs
Odyssey - the “khan academy” of web3 in my opinion
Invisible College - admittedly haven’t joined (requires NFT pass) but I’ve heard really good things about it from my web3 friends
Crypto Culture & Society - part of the latest cohort, and it’s a super supportive community to get anyone started in the web3 world
She256 - mostly use it for cool resources and events they post
💠 My Favourite Things This Month
🎬 YouTube Video - The Intelligent Investor’s Road to $1,000,000. 30 min video on the analysis of increase profitability as you get older.
🎧 Audiobook - Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. Story of the creator of Nike and the journey to create a profitable business (before the era of VCs).
🎧 Audiobook - David and Goliath. Analysis of how under-rated individuals succeed in life. For example, a high percentage of billionaires have ADHD.
🥇 10x Growth Per Month
From last month’s newsletter the biggest question I’ve received is:
“How are you doing what I do in a year, in a single month?”
I think it comes down to 3 main pillars
  1. Seizing opportunities (actively look for top opportunities/fellowships like ZFellows, and Envision to exponential growth your learnings)
  2. Network (I actively meet AT LEAST 3 new amazing people every week. This combined with #1 leads to compound gains)
  3. Time Management (I can do a deep dive on this alone in the future, but the best method is to completely eliminate 80% of things that aren’t getting you further in life, and double down on the 20% activities that is accelerating you)
Of course there is some factors of luck, but using these 3 methods alone you can outwit your odds.
🔗 Top Reads This Month (worth your time!)
❓ Make $800k Off YouTube Background Music?
As a new grad, should I go to an early startup or big tech for maximum growth?
Breaking into Web3 as a PM - Creator Economy by Peter Yang
📬 Tweet(s) of the Month
Matt Espinoza (mattespoz.eth)
Humble personal update: 🎉

I'm dropping out a school...

(for at least one week)

Excited to announce I've accepted my offer to join ZFellows as part of their Crypto Cohort as I scale @0xAgora w/ my co-founders. 🧩

Let's do this !

cc: @dropout_dao , @cory , @zackabaker
Matt Espinoza (mattespoz.eth)
Super excited to one of the the ten selected to be apart of the $10K @harmonyprotocol grant.

Let's do this 🚀

cc: @JerryDizs , @freemanxjiang , @0xCharles1
🛠 Ending Remarks
This past month has been super impactful for me.
Thank you to everyone that’s been a part of my life and with me on my journey.
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Until next month,
Matt | @mattespoz 👨🏻‍💻
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Matt Espinoza
Matt Espinoza @mattespoz

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