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🔷 Generating a Million Dollar Idea

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How do you get ideas for startups, projects, and ventures…
Have a system for increasing the number of ideas you have on a daily basis and filter them out to resurface the best ones.
This is what I call the Idea Generator 👇

Let’s quickly go through each section:
1) Capture
The 3 most common areas for ideas are:
1 - Shower
2 - Walking
3 - Bed
Now with this fact in mind, you should then approach ideas in these areas as sacred artifacts.
Here’s how you maximize what you have in each area:
1 - if you have an idea in the shower then use a memory technique (ex: mnemonic or method of loci) to be able to retain that idea until you get out of the shower and get a chance to write it down
2 - if you’re walking and have an idea, immediately add it to your favourite notes app (I recommend Notion or Apple Notes)
3 - if you are about to go to bed, always have a small notebook and pencil next to you. That way when you have ideas you can easily jot them dot and then review them and add them to your digital notes when you wake up.
2) Store
Now that you have an idea you need to have a system for categorization them.
Below is a screenshot of a Notion template for basic idea capture (there is a more advanced edition in my Notion templates 😉)
3) Filter
Not all ideas are “million-dollar ideas” but once you have captured all your ideas, you can now filter to the most relevant ones. I recommend evaluating them based on 3 core questions.
1 - is this still in my current interests?
2 - can I see myself working on this project for the next 1-3 months, and will I continue to be excited about it for that length time?
3 - is this project for me (learning purposes) or for others (multiple users)?
So the next time you have a great idea, make sure you go through the idea generator!
You can thank me later 😉
📬 Tweet of the Week
Matt Espinoza | 🚀
This is how I recommend using @NotionHQ for virtual assistants.
👉 Clear on any hold up/questions
👉 Contains relevant SOP's for quick access
👉 Allows tasks to be ranked on priority
Matt Espinoza | 🚀
The @BaschML team and the @BitPerks team should do a virtual meet up sometime 👀

Let’s see what happens when we get some op individuals in a single call

cc: @digvijaysra @VirajCz
💎 Top App(s) of the Week
Brave Browser - this was recommended to me by my virtual assistant (Atul). And honestly, I’ve been LOVING IT! It’s like Chrome 2.0, with so many features and the loading speeds for websites are a lot quicker! Highly recommend using it!
Video Speed Controller - undoubtedly the most recommended chrome extension I give to my friends. It allows you to watch any video online (include YouTube + Netflix) at ANY SPEED x2+. If you want to save time, definitely recommend getting it!
🚀 What I'm Learning
Currently, in my free time (not that I much of that lol), I’m diving into 2 fun topics of exploration:
Lucid Dreaming - being able to control your dreams as you sleep. There are many studies around it, and the effects of inner reflection + max potential. For example, some top-level athletes do lucid dreaming to set up the scenario for a perfect game - I’m uncovering the applications within the startup world.
Muscle Building - one of the topics around health that have fascinated me is - how fast you can build muscle through minimum effort. In particular, “what the least amount of reps that get the highest gains” & “what factors contribute to growth that will double/triple the results in a shorter period of time.”
💬 Powerful Quote
You’re only as good as those around you.
2 new YouTube Videos are set to launch for Tuesday & Friday respectively - so keep on the lookout for those!! 👀
Also yesterday we reached 900+ email subscribers! 🥳🥳
Thank you to all those that have been here since I started (12 issues ago). If you’re curious you can read my previous newsletters here.
Next week, we are going to be diving into a bit more of a personal one. Specifically, around my past/current relationships & friendships - this next one might be a bit controversial 💀
Chat soon,
Matt “900+ email subscribers” Espinoza
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