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By Matt Espinoza

👋 Hey I'm Matt, and welcome to my monthly newsletter for top web3 resources, incredible hidden gems, actional life advice, and powerful principles for building startups - directly to your inbox

👋 Hey I'm Matt, and welcome to my monthly newsletter for top web3 resources, incredible hidden gems, actional life advice, and powerful principles for building startups - directly to your inbox

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🔷 Why I was wrong about the Token Market (and what I learned from it)

It's now Mid-May!I skipped the April update (mostly cause I was focusing on exams), but I'm excited to dive into too cool things I've up to recently!Did a Y Combinator interview, finished my Envision Founder Cohort, partnered with Curious Cardinals (Forbes 30…


🔷 How I'm 10x my personal growth every month

It's officially March (it's actually my birthday today! 🎂 )Another insane 30 days.This month, I've been featured in this innovative tech podcast, featured on Talent Protocol's Twitter Space, featured in this VC Newsletter, met amazing top founders and VCs at …


🔷 Why I'm Dropping out of University... for 1 Week

It's officially February (mid-February as I write this lol)! 🥇January felt like a whole year for me, with lots of areas of personal improvement and growth.In fact, I just got accepted into some of the most prestigious programs in North America with the most n…


🔷 2021 Changed My Life (forever)

Happy new years everyone!In this issue I'm mostly diving into the biggest highlights of my last year (2021) and sharing where I'm going for 2022. Definetely more of personal newsletter this time, but after this week going to back to my regular web3 and startu…


🔷 THANK YOU (yes you!)

🚀 TLDR"MATT WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!"Top tools for Black FridayA quote to resonate withDecember plans + newsletter goals+ a lot more!


🔷 The Only 2 Questions You Need ✌️

🚀 TL;DRThe 2 questions I ask everyone famous person I meetWhy I failed to make a podcast... (sorry guys!)My new favourite tool for mental frameworksNew updates to the weekly newsletter+ a lot more!


🔷 What's Holding You Back?

"Life can take a lot out of you. It seems the more effort you put in life, the more you can expect to fail. People can be insecure, inauthentic or hard to understand and you can find yourself ruminating over which one it actually is. And when the world is pul…


🔷 I DREAMT my Future 😳

First, let's define Lucid Dreaming 😴being able to actively be aware that you're dreaming and control the environment/ narrative of your dreamsSounds pretty cool right!Here are some areas I've been using Lucid Dreaming on:Meeting and learning from internal arc…


🔷 Relationships in Startups 💔

Let's chat about dating for a second. 😉(1) Simply put, a true relationship requires 2 main components:Time & Energy.For me, relationships are like adding another startup/business to your schedule. If you can manage it then consider it, if you can't then d…


🔷 Generating a Million Dollar Idea

Let's quickly go through each section:1) CaptureThe 3 most common areas for ideas are:1 - Shower 2 - Walking3 - BedNow with this fact in mind, you should then approach ideas in these areas as sacred artifacts. Here's how you maximize what you have in each are…



One of THE MOST requested items that I share has undoubtedly been my Notion templates for productivity, learning, & notes. 👇


🔷 THIS is Why You Will Fail



🔷 The Extra-Ordinary Fallacy

If you haven't already subscribed to today's guest post, there's the link above for easy access 😉


🔷 The Inner Circle

For those who want to be a part of this community, you can join the basic access through this discord link ⮕ those who want more exclusive access with perks such as:📍 Name In Credits🚨Exclusive Discord Channels🎥 Early Scre…


🔷 My 2021 Goal Update

One of the best ways to be accountable for your plans is to share your goals publicly...So here we go.Here are some of my new goals for this summer.Continuing Building My New Company BitPerksHave System for Microcontent & Macrocontent (for content creatio…


🔷 Reaching 137K Market Cap in 4 Hours

Last Friday night was the launch of my first cryptocurrency venture - BitPerks.A platform in which creators can monetize their presence online through rewards and incentives. Within a 4-hour period, we did one of the most INSANE marketing setups leading up to…


🔷 Oops... I did it AGAIN

1 - LunchClub - to further my connection building, I have been using this application called LunchClub for the last 4 weeks to meet CEOs, product developers, and (hopefully!) future Co-Founders from all around the world. It's been a great tool to share insigh…


🔷 My (INSANELY!) Productive Birthday

If you haven't already check out my latest YouTube video talking about my (fully optimized) Notion Setup - to get a deep dive on how I optimize focus for life.There are 2 very special days every year that I set my biggest ambitions in my life - New Year's Eve…


🔷 How YouTube Saved Me

A lot of people know me as either 3 main things:1) "That Notion Guy"2) "The Accelerated Learner"3) "That Systems Guy"The first 2, I would say, are self-explanatory. But it's the 3 one in which I really shine.Ever since I learned about Tiago Forte's work, I've…



For those who followed me in March, I was a huge advocate for writing notes on the iPad Pro. And I even had a WHOLE Instagram Post on why it's better than taking handwritten notes (CLICK ME)And although I do (currently) stay true about my ways of having digit…