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The Chinafornia Newsletter 7.17.18 - We're back! (with updates on the book!)

July 17 · Issue #46 · View online
Matt Sheehan's Newsletter
Welcome back to The Chinafornia Newsletter, your digest of news and analysis connecting the Golden State and the Middle Kingdom.
It’s been a far longer gap between issues than I ever intended, and I really appreciate your patience on that front. My last three months were a dead-sprint to meet my deadline for the draft manuscript of my book, Chinafornia. It was a dizzying blitz of research, thinking and writing, but I’m happy to say that as of July 1st I have completed that draft. It’s been submitted to my publisher, Counterpoint Press, and I’ll be working through edits and updates in the coming months.
The publishing world moves at its own pace, meaning that the book itself won’t land in your hands until spring of 2019, but I hope it will be worth the wait. That lag can feel like an eternity to someone who came out of the world of journalism, but it also forced me to think and write about these issues in a new way: digging deeper to excavate the currents driving the headlines, the forces that will shape this relationship for years to come. I really enjoyed that process, and hope that you will enjoy the results when the book hits shelves early next year.
Now that I’m out of the woods on a very intense nine months of book writing, this newsletter will be back on a regular publishing schedule. My goal is to deliver an issue to your inbox every other week, bridging that gap between daily news and thoughtful analysis. I’ll describe more of my current projects and future plans in upcoming newsletters.
For now, I’d like to highlight a new digital interactive that I and a team at MacroPolo just released: The China Footprint.
While the world watches tariffs and trade, this product sketches a composite picture of Chinese consumption and investment on US soil: FDI, education, tourism, home purchases, and EB-5 investments. These are many of the same industries and trends highlighted in Chinafornia, and it was great to work with colleagues at MacroPolo to quantify and represent these dimensions. You can track the annual totals on the home page, and click on the buttons below for breakout analysis of each category.
Finally, here is one other analysis piece I published with MacroPolo shortly after new Trump administration restrictions on visas: Who Loses From Restricting Chinese Student Visas?
Alright, enjoy the links+analysis below, and don’t hesitate to get in touch!
The Chinafornia Newsletter is created by me, Matt Sheehan. I’m a fellow at The Paulson Institute and write for the think tank’s site MacroPolo. I spent over five years in mainland China, including two as the first-ever China correspondent for The Huffington Post and The WorldPost. I’m now back in my native California where I’m consulting on market entry and communications for China-related projects, and writing a book on Chinafornia.
You can read some of my best work on my own website: An Optimist’s Guide to China. Follow me on Twitter @mattsheehan88 and feel free to email me at

There has been tons of activity in this space over the past couple months, so instead of cramming in everything, I’ve included a set of stories+commentary on three key companies and one key issue: Apple, Google, Facebook, and Chinese VC investment in Silicon Valley.
How Apple's Tim Cook Became Tech's Top Diplomat - The New York Times
Behind JD Deal, a Google Plan to Crack China Through Hardware — The Information (paywall)
China is Facebook's second-largest ad spender, after the US — Quartz
China's penetration of Silicon Valley creates risks for startups | Reuters
Reversion to the Mean: Why Chinese Investment in the US Did Not, In Fact, “Collapse” - MacroPolo
Chinese electric automaker BYD drives job growth in S. California - SHINE
China Film: Quota? What Quota? | China Law Blog
Photo Essay: Mickey Mouse Works His Magic in China - The New York Times
Chinese Mega-Corporation Tencent Holdings Sets Sights On Hollywood | Deadline
US to impose limits on some Chinese student visas
DHS Investigating Identity Theft, College Admissions Fraud Ring - NBC 7 San Diego
Chinese Students Protest in America, Face Danger at Home – Foreign Policy
Real Estate
America’s Green Card-for-Cash Program Is Making a Mess in China – Foreign Policy
Crossing Divides: Can Chinese Americans solve differences over dinner? - BBC News
An American Lean-In Guru in China - WSJ
Curran’s ‘Soft Power’ by David Henry Hwang first defining musical of Trump era - SFGate
An L.A. triple-murder suspect was tried in China, and his case could open the door for similar prosecutions
United Cancels Service to Xi'an, China - Live and Let's Fly
Culture Corner
侨乡街舞团 vs Tonglifornia | Quarter-Finals | Crew Battle | Bomb Jam Vol.8 - YouTube
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