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The Chinafornia Newsletter 2.15.17 -- Why California is the living laboratory for US-China ties

Welcome to the 13th edition of The Chinafornia Newsletter, your weekly digest of news connecting the
February 15 · Issue #13 · View online
Matt Sheehan's Newsletter
Welcome to the 13th edition of The Chinafornia Newsletter, your weekly digest of news connecting the Golden State and the Middle Kingdom.
Hi all,
This week I had the pleasure of being interviewed in The Diplomat about Chinafornia and the state’s unique role in US-China relations under Trump.
Here is a link to the full interview, and below is the heart of the Chinafornia thesis as outlined in the piece:
“As the top destination for investors, students, tourists, and home-buyers, California is the living laboratory for this new era of U.S.-China relations.
Chinese developments are transforming California skylines, and the state was the destination for one-third of Chinese home-buyers in the U.S. – a group that spent $27.3 billion annually around the country. Chinese entrepreneurs are bringing a flood of capital and talent into Silicon Valley, and opportunities in the booming Chinese box office have Hollywood desperate to please Chinese censors and moviegoers. Over 50,000 Chinese students at California universities spent approximately $1.8 billion in the state, changing the equation for how California funds its public universities. Even in climate policy, California led the way in forging partnerships with Chinese policymakers that shaped China’s own carbon markets
This is a real opportunity to build a more localized and productive relationship, one that focuses on creating jobs, housing and educational opportunities. But it’s also a risky time. As China’s footprint here grows, so does the likelihood of a local backlash – against Chinese home-buyers, corporations, or even students. The key task in the years ahead is to make sure that these new ties really work to benefit average Americans.” (Link to full interview here)
Thanks for all your support and feedback as I grow the newsletter and spread these ideas. It is both super helpful and really encouraging when folks share the newsletter with friends and on social media.
Full links below, and this week’s must reads here:
1. China Film Insider and Variety on Hollywood’s attempt to pry Chinese markets open further when the two countries negotiate film quotas.
2. New York Times piece on Taco Bell’s tricky expansion in China
3. Culture Corner: “Uber Rap” by Melo. It doesn’t get more Chinafornia than this.
The Chinafornia Newsletter is created by me, Matt Sheehan. I spent over five years in mainland China, including two as The Huffington Post’s first-ever China correspondent. I’m now back in my native California consulting on China-related projects and writing a book on Chinafornia.
You can read some of my best work on my own website: An Optimist’s Guide to China. Follow me on Twitter @mattsheehan88 and feel free to email me at

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