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The Chinafornia Newsletter 11.20.17 - 1st Anniversary Greatest Hits Edition

November 21 · Issue #43 · View online
Matt Sheehan's Newsletter
Welcome to a very special anniversary edition of The Chinafornia Newsletter, your digest of news connecting the Golden State and the Middle Kingdom.
This week marks the 1st anniversary of The Chinafornia Newsletter, and we’re celebrating by collecting some of the best articles and videos of the past year. There’s been tons of fascinating Chinafornia activity and lots of great writing on it. I picked some pieces in this edition for newsworthiness, but also tried to grab stories that were particularly well-written, insightful, off-the-beaten-track or just fun. 
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There are plenty of gems in here, but I’ll highlight three fun reads from non-mainstream publications that you might otherwise miss:
1. Chinese Tour Groups Suck - Medium (Don’t let the title put you off. Just read.)
3. Arcasia - The World of Chinese
I’ve also included a few of my own pieces that I felt captured something unique – please excuse the 臭美 (aka “stinky beauty” aka smugness) in putting those in a “best of” edition.
The Chinafornia Newsletter is created by me, Matt Sheehan. I’m a fellow at The Paulson Institute and write for the think tank’s site MacroPolo. I spent over five years in mainland China, including two as the first-ever China correspondent for The Huffington Post and The WorldPost. I’m now back in my native California where I’m consulting on market entry and communications for China-related projects, and writing a book on Chinafornia.
You can read some of my best work on my own website: An Optimist’s Guide to China. Follow me on Twitter @mattsheehan88 and feel free to email me at

Welcome to Chinafornia: The Future of U.S.-China Relations | RealClearWorld
Beijing Wants A.I. to Be Made in China by 2030 - The New York Times
A Whirlwind Tour Through Tech Trends in China – Andreessen Horowitz
Silicon Valley’s China Paradox - MacroPolo
Lawsuit Accuses Cisco of Complicity in Oppression Abroad | San Jose Inside
A California mayor hopes China will save his town from meth labs and neo-Nazis – Vice News
Chinese Investment in the United States: Time for New Rules? - Lawfare
Know the Numbers - MacroPolo
China's Fear of Japan-Style Economic Bust Drives Crackdown on Deals, Says Source - Bloomberg
Behind the scenes in the ‘Hollywood’ of China | South China Morning Post
Hollywood and China, a Relationship Doomed to Fail | Hollywood Reporter
China’s Tough-Talking Theme Park Mogul Surrenders to Minnie Mouse - WSJ
Wolf Warrior 2 and the Future of Imported Films in China | China Law Blog
Pander or Diversify? Hollywood Courts China With ‘The Great Wall’ - The New York Times
'Here, I am above average': Chinese 'parachute kids' are coming to the U.S. at younger ages - LA Times
China is retaliating against the University of California, San Diego for inviting the Dalai Lama to speak at commencement — Quartz
John Pomfret: Chinese cash at American colleges is a massive problem - SupChina
Asia In-Depth Podcast: American Universities in China — Free Speech Bastions or Threat to Academic Freedom? | Asia Society
Climate and Environment
With Trump Going AWOL On Climate, California Governor Seeks China As An Ally | HuffPost
Jerry Brown in China with a climate message to the world: Don't follow America's lead - LA Times
Real Estate
How Chinese Real Estate Money is Transforming the San Francisco Bay Area - MacroPolo
Downtown Los Angeles hasn't seen this much construction since the 1920s - LA Times
Arcasia | The World of Chinese
AP Investigation of Chinese EB-5 Markets
Selling China by the Sleeve Dance | Hazlitt
A Note To Asian-American Activists About New Arrivals | HuffPost
Chinatown's swap meets once opened a door to the American dream. Now, their future is uncertain - LA Times
Tyrus Wong, ‘Bambi’ Artist Thwarted by Racial Bias, Dies at 106 - The New York Times
The Struggles of Writing About Chinese Food as a Chinese Person - MUNCHIES
Chinese Tour Groups Suck – Medium
Culture Corner
Chinese students brilliantly recreate 'La La Land' scene
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