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Intermediate Maths Challenge this week - how to get Gold and qualify for the IMC follow on rounds

Of course if you're preparing for the IMC there's still time to take either the free course Get Ready for the IMC or the upgrade Go for Gold in maths challenges (age 13-16) so do take a look at those if you haven't already! If you want to see grade boundaries…


Go for Gold in maths challenges (age 13-16) - more info + more questions!

There's also a free preview section, so sign up now and take the first section for free! As an extra incentive, over the next week I'll also be adding a whole extra practice paper and one more teaching section so the course will contain even more questions th…


Go for Gold in maths challenges (age 13-16) - released today!

Happy New Year!Just a quick update today to say that I've just made available the latest Mathsaurus online course - `Go for Gold in maths challenges (ages 13-16)'. It's the follow on course to the course 'Go for Gold in maths challenges (ages 10-13)' and th…


Are you ready for the JMC and IMC in early 2022?

Feedback for the age 10-13 course has been excellent, so I hope you'll take a look. The free courses 'Get ready for the JMC' and 'Get ready for the IMC' are also available - these are also great to practise for the competitions, but the 'Go for Gold' courses …


Five new short courses to help with GCSE and A-level maths

The 5 short courses are:Indices, Surds and LogarithmsQuadratic equations + inequalities (includes sketching general polynomials)Co-ordinate geometry + differentiationTrigonometry + trigonometric equationsSequences + series - arithmetic + geometric progression…


Mathsaurus Gift Vouchers - perfect for Xmas or any occasion!

A Mathsaurus gift voucher is a great gift for any student who loves maths (or who you'd like to love maths more!). Just select the course you would like to gift from this page and I'll e-mail you a voucher that looks quite like the one below. It will include …


Senior Maths Challenge 2021 Certificate Thresholds announced!

Hi, hope you're all well - just a super quick one today for anyone who is interested in the Senior Maths Challenge 2021 results. The UKMT released the certificate thresholds today and I've just made a short video discussing them here - if you took it this ye…


Why do the best students (and teachers) love the maths challenges?

As a teacher, one of the most frustrating things I'd hear when offering students a 'fun' lesson to do maths challenge questions was that it would be a waste of time. Those questions won't come up in GCSE/A-level exams and so why not just spend more time on t…


New free course - Get ready for the Intermediate Maths Challenge

I'm really excited to have made this available as it means there are now free courses to prepare for all the major maths challenges from ages 9 to 18!Primary (9-11): (11-13): Olympiad (11-13): https:…


New FREE course - Get Ready for the Senior Maths Challenge

I hope you're all well and enjoying the start of the new academic year. Just a quick e-mail today, to announce the latest Mathsaurus online course - 'Get Ready for the Senior Maths Challenge'. I've just launched the course, and in it you can practise quest…


Prepare for the Primary Maths Challenge - new FREE course!

As ever, if you have any questions or suggestions about this or any of my other courses ( ) feel free to e-mail me at


August sale weekend - 20% off all courses with code SUMMER20!

We all need a bit of a break over the summer holidays, but it's also a great time to get ahead for next year or to do some of the extra-curricular challenge style maths there's not always time for during busy school terms. So it's a great time to sign up for …


Get ready for A-level maths - 50% off ends this weekend!

I've been so pleased to see so many people signing up for the new GCSE to A-level transition course even before it is fully complete. The first two weeks content are fully available and the rest will be coming very soon so it's time to bring the pre-order p…


Get ready for A-level maths - course available to start now - 50% off extended + FREE preview!

Dear allI'm delighted to say that the latest Mathsaurus course `Get ready for A-level maths' is available to start now. I've just released the week 1 content and the week 2-5 content will be made available over the coming weeks, so those of you that have pre…


Free course to prepare for the Junior Kangaroo and JMO (Olympiad)

I really hope that this course will be useful for those of you taking these exams, but they're also great extension and enrichment problems regardless of whether you've qualified. The main thing is to keep practising and enjoying the problems so why not have …


New course: Get ready for A-level maths! Pre-order now for 50% off.

The truth is, A-level maths is one of the hardest subjects there is, and students who don't have a grade 7 or above at GCSE are often unsuccessful at A-level (a couple of years ago I made this video that goes into a lot more detail about why this is and how t…


Junior Maths Challenge 2021 certificate boundaries announced

If you or your students or children took the challenge this year, I hope you/they enjoyed it, and congratulations if you got a certificate!I've updated the free course here to contain full solutions to the 2020 and 2021 papers with video hints…


9 days until JMC2021 - 30% off 'Go for Gold' this weekend!

This weekend I'm offering the biggest discount I've ever offered on this course, and it will be the last available before JMC2021. Use the code GOFORGOLD30 for 30% off either 30-day, 2 year or unlimited access to the course. The full course can be completed i…


Mathsaurus newsletter - Issue #6

If you're enrolled in any of my maths challenge courses you'll also have seen I've been putting a lot of work into making even better versions of these that I've fully released in the last week. There's a totally free course going through 20 challenging quest…


FREE short course 'Get Ready for the JMC!', 10% off the full course and a resource for years 5 and 6

10% off full course: Get Ready for the Junior Maths Challenge!Also, for the entirety of half term (until Sunday 21st Feb) I'm offering 10% off either 30, 2 year or unlimited access to the course with the code HALFTERM so there's no better time to try out the …