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Mathsaurus newsletter - Issue #6

Mathsaurus newsletter - Issue #6
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If you or your children have been back to school this week I hope you’ve enjoyed the chance to get a little closer to normality. Some of my own students have excited to be back and to spend time with their friends, and others have said they’re missing online learning, having got used to some of the benefits. This year will give education a lot to think about in terms of how we can use the good parts of online learning going forward. If you’re interested in thinking about this further here’s a talk I prepared for a conference at the University of Bath last summer (did you know my ‘main’ job is doing research there for a PhD?). This talk is focused on universities, but many of the ideas apply to schools too.

The FUTURE of maths teaching - how COVID- 19 has changed everything!
The FUTURE of maths teaching - how COVID- 19 has changed everything!
Maths Challenge courses (age 10-13)
If you’re enrolled in any of my maths challenge courses you’ll also have seen I’ve been putting a lot of work into making even better versions of these that I’ve fully released in the last week. There’s a totally free course going through 20 challenging questions I’ve written myself, and the full course is now expanded with extra sections on using algebra and on special maths challenge problems, like those about colouring and counting and magic squares.
We’re roughly 6 weeks away from the Junior Maths Challenge 2021 now, so it’s a perfect time to start preparing if you haven’t already, or just to do a bit of extra maths for enrichment and mastery.
Get ready for maths challenges (age 10-13)
YouTube - IGCSE and A-level content
I’m working on more content too - on the main YouTube channel I’ve been working through more of the A-level exam questions by topic series and some IGCSE (Edexcel) exam paper walkthroughs too. More of all of this coming in the next few weeks too!
I’ve also started working on another online course that will help students transition from GCSE to A-level and that will be available in June. There’s some more information here and a discounted pre-order price, and I’ll keep you updated on this list over the coming months too!
Get ready to start A-level maths
As ever, do reply to me at with any comments or suggestions.
Best wishes
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