August sale weekend - 20% off all courses with code SUMMER20!



August sale weekend - 20% off all courses with code SUMMER20!
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I hope you’re all well, and if it’s the summer holidays where you are that you’re enjoying some rest. I’ve been super busy over the last few weeks finishing off the latest Mathsaurus course, ‘Get Ready for A-level Maths’ - it’s a huge course with a lot of content aimed at making the transition from GCSE to A-level much easier. I’ve been delighted to see how many of you have signed up to take a look at the free parts and the full course, and how many are continuing to use the maths challenge courses too.
I’ll have some exciting news about more maths challenge courses later in the summer, but to celebrate the completion of the new course (now 90% complete and the final sections available by tomorrow), I’m offering a 20% discount not just from the already discounted ‘Get Ready for A-level’ course, but also the ‘Go for Gold in Maths Challenges (age 10-13)’ course - both would make a perfect summer activity .
The discount ends on Monday, and the A-level course will also increase as it will no longer be in pre-order mode so sign up now!

Use code SUMMER20 for 20% off all Mathsaurus online courses this weekend
We all need a bit of a break over the summer holidays, but it’s also a great time to get ahead for next year or to do some of the extra-curricular challenge style maths there’s not always time for during busy school terms. So it’s a great time to sign up for one of the Mathsaurus online courses and if you sign up this weekend (by Monday 2nd August) you can take 20% off the price of either ‘Go for Gold in Maths Challenges (age 10-13)’ and ‘Get Ready for A-level Maths’ (aimed at year 11 students going into year 12, or advanced year 10 students doing extra maths qualifications in year 11).
The free challenge courses are still available too and you can take a look at all of the courses here.
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If you’re on this mailing list you’ve probably seen at least one of the Mathsaurus online courses, but Mathsaurus started as a website and YouTube channel that I made for my own students whilst teaching at independent schools in London. If you haven’t already seen them check out the links below and subscribe/follow:
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