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What JavaScript Can Learn from C#

What JavaScript Can Learn from C#
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My first software engineering internship was almost exclusively in C#. Unfortunately, it taught me to dislike C#, and I spent the next decade or so with C# near the top of my list of languages to avoid.
However, I recently had the opportunity to tinker with C# again. I was pleasantly surprised: C#, and .NET as a whole, has come a long way over the last 15 years, and the overall developer experience is pretty solid. In particular, async tasks are excellent: all the convenience of JavaScript’s async/await in a statically typed language.
Here’s a couple of aspects of the C# developer experience that we’d love to see in JavaScript.

Built-in Version Management
The dotnet CLI lets you install multiple versions of the .NET SDK. One CLI, multiple versions. Plus, each project can specify what version of the SDK it targets in `global.json`, which means you can switch between two projects that use different SDK versions without reinstalling.
Microsoft creating delightful DX
Microsoft creating delightful DX
It would be great if Node.js could do this too. Instead of switching Node versions using symlinks or nvm, running `node index.js` could pick the right version of node from your `package.json` file. You can use `nvm run` for this, but it would be neat if Node could switch versions itself.
Async Function Support for HTTP Servers
C# async tasks work great with the built-in HTTP server class:
Async HTTP server in C#
Async HTTP server in C#
Unfortunately, Express still doesn’t have good support for async/await error handling, nor does Node.js’ built-in HTTP server class.
Moving On
Despite these differences, I still strongly prefer Node.js for backend development. But C# does have some neat features that make it an interesting option for backend development, most notably async tasks. It’s a viable alternative to other common statically typed backend languages, like Java or Go.
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