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Our Favorite JavaScript Reads from 2021

Our Favorite JavaScript Reads from 2021
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Happy almost 2022! We hope you’ve been having a wonderful holiday season, and thanks for subscribing to Mastering JS. Quick email this week recapping some of our favorite blog posts from 2021, and our most popular newsletters from 2021. But, first, a short personal note.

My Top Lesson From 2021
2021 truly was the best of times and the worst of times, the age of wisdom and the age of foolishness. On one hand, I became a dad, went full-time on my own business, and solidly hit my ambitious financial goals. On the other hand, there was a stroke and a cancer diagnosis in my immediate family, I nearly lost my dog, and my car nearly got totaled (thankfully while parked and no one in it).
However, with a kid on the way, I didn’t have the option of letting the hard times affect me too much. My wife and I had to learn to not let the excess stress get to us for the sake of the baby. Stay positive and don’t let the bumps in the road affect you more than they should - don’t ignore the issues, but also don’t let them overwhelm everything else.
Favorite Reads From 2021 That We Didn't Write
There was a lot of great content in 2021. We were mostly interested in Vue 3, Google Core Web Vitals, Temporal (the date API), and Temporal (the workflows framework). We didn’t read about much else - skipped all the content on Svelte, web workers, etc. In 2022, we’re going to be looking more at content related to general SEO, crypto, Nest.js, and maybe Deno.
When To Use The New Vue Composition API (And When Not To) - Vue.js Developers
Optimize Cumulative Layout Shift
Beyond Console.log() – Level up Your Debugging Skills - SitePoint
The Part Time Creator Manifesto ∊
Build Advanced Components in Vue 3 using $attrs - This Dot Labs
Mastering JS' Most Popular Newsletters
We sent 26 newsletters in 2021. Two newsletters tied for the highest open rate, at 41.47%: “Testing Webhooks Without Clicking in UIs”, and “Google Web Vitals and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)”. On the other hand, the worst performing newsletters were last week’s “On Writing About What You’ve Learned” and “Why We Love Azure Functions for Node.js”.
The lesson we’re taking from this data is to stick more diligently to our guiding principle: write about how to solve problems. This year’s top newsletters, as well as our most successful ones in the past, have been write ups about problems that we’ve solved. Expect more problem-and-solution oriented newsletters in the future.
Testing Webhooks Without Clicking in UIs | Revue
Google Web Vitals and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) | Revue
Our Most Recent Tutorials
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Check Whether a String Starts with a Regexp in JavaScript - Mastering JS
How to Check Whether a String Does Not Start With a Regex in JavaScript - Mastering JS
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