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Introducing the Mastering JS Job Board

Introducing the Mastering JS Job Board
By Mastering JS Weekly • Issue #64 • View online
Big news: we’ve finally launched a job board for Mastering JS. We’re hoping to make this the #1 destination to hire JavaScript developers.

Thanks to our first customers!
Thanks to our first customers!
Mastering JS is rapidly becoming an indispensable part of my workflow. I can’t even begin to list the number of times we had to refer back to our tutorials when building out our job board (Yes, we’re using Vue and Mongoose). Now we’re going to try our hand at helping developers find their next job.
A Job Board for JavaScript Developers
JavaScript doesn’t really have a go-to job board equivalent to for Go or for Rust. And that’s a shame given that JavaScript is the most used programming language by some measures. Developers want to find JavaScript jobs - why isn’t there a good place to find them?
When I was last looking at jobs, I was much more interested in looking for what languages and frameworks I’d be using than whether the job was remote-friendly. In my experience, remote work is almost always negotiable, especially in a post-COVID world. Languages and frameworks less so.
How We Built the Job Board
100% dogfood. Node.js and Mongoose running on Azure Functions, backed by MongoDB Atlas. Vue frontend for the job form, vanilla JS for the code that pulls jobs from the backend to display on tutorials pages. Yes, the job board backend runs on Windows, and yes we’re aware it’s 2021.
We wanted to create a JAMstack-like approach for listing jobs on the job board. Instead of pulling the jobs from an Atlas database every time someone visits a tutorial, we’d just automatically create a PR in GitHub every time someone created a new job. That would also give us an easy approval process for job listings. But that felt like overengineering, and we can always do that later.
Support Mastering JS
Mastering JS’ tutorials are free and always will be. If you like our content and are looking to hire, list a job on our job board. Not only will you be helping us keep writing, you’ll also get your job listing in front of over 100k developers that are actively writing JavaScript today.
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