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Do Node.js Developers Need to Know Docker?

Docker is a common job requirement for anything backend related. If you've been looking at Node.js jo
Do Node.js Developers Need to Know Docker?
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Docker is a common job requirement for anything backend related. If you’ve been looking at Node.js jobs lately, something like this probably looks familiar:

X years of Y, must know Docker
X years of Y, must know Docker
Job requirements are notoriously open to interpretation. In other words, just because the job requirement says you need to have 3 years of database administration experience, doesn’t mean your resume will be dropped immediately if you’ve only been managing your company’s database cluster for 2.5 years. You might still get the job even if your resume doesn’t mention database administration at all.
How Much Docker Do You Need to Know?
At my day job, all our production servers are deployed as Docker containers on a Kubernetes cluster. So sounds like we need to know Docker, right?
Turns out you don’t. Our most recent software job listing doesn’t list Docker or Kubernetes. Even as a staff-level engineer who occasionally does some devops-like work, I didn’t have Docker installed on my machine for 3 years. I installed it a couple weeks ago… for a workshop.
In my experience, the day-to-day of being a Node.js developer involves very little direct Docker usage. Unless I’m testing, our CI handles running `docker build` and pushing our images.
The most common use case I’ve seen for running Docker locally is Docker Compose, which is a neat tool for running multiple projects at once. If you need to start up 4 different REST APIs to power your frontend, it may be handy for you to have a docker-compose file that starts up all 4 on the right ports with a single command.
But you can always work around the need for docker-compose by starting the API servers yourself. If you want to avoid using Docker, you usually can avoid using Docker.
TLDR; read this blog post, be able to explain the difference between an image and a container, and the difference between `docker build`, `docker pull`, and `docker push`. That should be enough Docker knowledge to get you through most JavaScript interviews that aren’t for a DevOps position.
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