Useful Stuff for Storytellers

By Dan Mason

Practical tips and fast, free tools for journalists, content creators and communicators in a hurry

Practical tips and fast, free tools for journalists, content creators and communicators in a hurry

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🎄 Here's the story so far ...

Thank YOU for being part of the Useful Stuff for Storytellers journey. So what's next?


⚙️ Simple, stress-free website builders

Build your brand: Website tools that keep the focus on style, not technology.


🌈 What colour do you feel?

Palettes please: Free tools for choosing a hue for you (and your brand)


🧲 How to become a content magnet

Tried and trusted ways for bringing content home to you. Refind, Flipboard, Inoreader and more


⚙️ Fast, free image tools

Easy online photo tools that take the pain out of editing


🏄🏼‍♂️ Ride the newsletter wave

Inbox rescue: Apps and tips for dealing with newsletter overload


🎼 Free music and all that jazz

Where to find free music for your next project ... in harmony with copyright


The mobile video secret weapon

🎬Why I switched from VN to CapCut for mobile video training.


😌 Distraction-free writing tools

Keep your focus with these distraction-free writing tools


❤️ Show some love for lists

Why the humble list deserves a better press (and at least five stories that prove it).


🎬 Free video editors for Mac and PC

Mobile aside, I’ve tried a bunch of free video editors for Mac and PC. Here’s the result


📸 Free stock image safari

Exploring tried and trusted sources ... then stepping off the beaten track


⚙️ Easy SEO tweaks and tools

Give your site an SEO health check


🏅Paralympics with a dash of data

The 🏅Paralympic Games and 🤓 data ... an unstoppable team!


✂️ 3 free and easy image cutout tools

Creating a separate thumbnail for YouTube videos is near enough obligatory these days, and a combination of keyword-driven title and cutout portrait does the job nicely.Likewise, many podcast cover images feature a cutout of the podcast host or interview subj…


Find story ideas the easy way

Two ways to turn simple questions into great content


How to easily create an email signature that shines

Email signatures do three jobs.The obvious one ... adding your title and contact details to the end of an email.Email signatures also present a good opportunity for marketing and promotion. If you have a new podcast or an event you are organising, you're miss…


Top contenders for the link-in-bio crown

The latest link-in-bio tool is a cracker ... and free


Four free Audacity alternatives

A couple of days before my latest Audacity workshop, the world's most popular audio editor - or, more accurately, its new owner Muse Group - was plunged into a data privacy crisis. We postponed the workshop. But what, asked participants, could we use instead?…