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How to easily create an email signature that shines

How to easily create an email signature that shines
By Dan Mason • Issue #3 • View online
📧 Two of my favourite free tools for creating email signatures with social media images, banners and more.
⭐️ Tips for writing sparkling email subject lines.
📝 Inspiration for writing sparkling email copy from the experts.
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Sealed with a loving call to action
Email signatures do three jobs.
  • The obvious one … adding your title and contact details to the end of an email.
  • Email signatures also present a good opportunity for marketing and promotion. If you have a new podcast or an event you are organising, you’re missing a trick if you don’t promote it with a line of stand-out text or banner image.
  • And finally, they project your brand - the professional and personal you - every single time you send an email.
A little time creating a smart-looking email signature pays dividends. And that’s all it takes - a little time - thanks to the two tools below. I’ve tested others, but these just do the job. If you know others, let me know.
Hubspot Email Signature Generator
This email signature generator by Hubspot is free, simple to use and if you like your signatures big and modern, start here.
Select one of six templates and add your details. If you don’t complete a field, such as company logo or address, it won’t show. You can customise colours and add a call-to-action banner in text or as an image (hosted somewhere online like Google Drive).
You don’t have to register to create your signature, but you are asked to provide your email to generate the completed signature. Instructions are provided for use with major email clients.
Create smart-looking email signatures in no time thanks to Hubspot
Create smart-looking email signatures in no time thanks to Hubspot
Signature.Email is my personal favourite. A little fiddly compared with the Hubspot tool, but with more flexibility. With a free account, there are six templates to start the process, but everything can be modified.
Once global styles are set, it’s a matter of clicking on the signature preview to edit or add extra details. When you’ve finished, you’ll be asked to create a free account before the signature is generated (I suggest you sign up before starting, just so you don’t risk losing your masterpiece during the process). As with the Hubspot generator, there are guides to help you add your signature to major email clients.
You can log in and edit your signature for 30 days (free tier). After that if disappears from the Signature.Email server, but don’t worry, you can continue to use your signature indefinitely, including any images you uploaded during the design process.
Edit everything in your design with this Signature.Email tool
Edit everything in your design with this Signature.Email tool
✊ Extra stuff for you
Let’s stay with the email theme …
The headline says it all, which I suppose it should, given that this is a good, practical guide to writing email subject lines. Lots of examples, lists of power and trust words, do’s and don'ts.
So someone has just subscribed to your email newsletter and the automated email response hits their inbox. It’s a critical moment to affirm their decision to subscribe. But what to say? This is a searchable page with dozens of examples of good email copywriting, including apologies, price increases, invitations and ‘nurture’ emails.
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