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🧲 How to become a content magnet

🧲 How to become a content magnet
By Dan Mason • Issue #16 • View online
🔍 How to find quality content without being swamped
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Each day, I set aside around 30 minutes I call my ‘island’.
It’s for reading. Not for leisure, but for my own learning and knowledge, and to surface ideas and examples for my training.
Skimming and filtering might be more accurate. I don’t read much immediately, but save links to read later in depth.
I’ve been running newsletter courses recently and the same approach works for content curators. The trick is to become a content magnet, using simple tools that do the heavy lifting.
Welcome to the island!
Directories like InBoxReads help in finding niche newsletters
Directories like InBoxReads help in finding niche newsletters
Niche newsletters are great for surfacing new content. If you are worried about email overload, my issue on Riding the newsletter wave might help. Where to find newsletters? Google ‘newsletters for [your niche/profession]’, or try these directories: InboxReads, Thanks for Subscribing, Find Your Newsletter, Inboxstash, RadLetters.
Refind: Your personal librarian with a special delivery every day
Refind: Your personal librarian with a special delivery every day
Refind is like having a personal librarian, who learns what you like and delivers new content every day. You can view stories in the app, online or in a morning email.
It takes a few minutes to tell Refind what you are interested in, but stick with it.
Create a free account, go to your profile (icon on desktop, three-dot menu on mobile) and ‘Customise your interests’. Start by telling Refind how many stories (the maximum is 20) to curate each day, at what time. Then go to Topics and start tapping areas of interest.
You can refine topics further by tapping the Finetune button. Then get set for your first batch of stories.
That might be enough for you, but it’s only the start for Refind.
Tapping the ‘Made me smarter’ button on stories not only saves the link, but influences the Refind algorithm, as does bookmarking stories, tapping the ‘Relevant for you?’ link, or adding stories to Refind using the Chrome extension. Don’t panic, you don’t have to do it all, but the more you tap, the better it gets.
Subscribe to Flipboard's email digest for a light bite of content
Subscribe to Flipboard's email digest for a light bite of content
One of the internet’s curation stalwarts, Flipboard is both a content discovery engine and a platform for curating your own ‘magazines’.
Tap the search icon and either explore the recommended topics or search for your own. Follow topics (hashtags), magazines curated by others and profiles.
Flipboard’s mobile reading experience is great. But if you prefer a neat bundle of content in your inbox, go to account settings in your desktop browser (Profile image > Settings) and scroll down to Newsletters. Choose the FlipDigest (of your own topics) and, I suggest, the 10 for Today Flipboard editor picks.
RSS allows you to subscribe to a website’s ‘feed’ (if it offers one) so that content is pushed to you as soon as it is published. Where do you read these feeds? In an RSS reader, like Inoreader.
Create a free account and if you are viewing Inoreader in your browser, search for topics using the window at the top left, or scroll down to Add New > Feed. (In the app, tap the + next to Feeds). In the Information Sources window (pictured above) you will be able to search for, preview and subscribe to feeds. But there’s more …
Tap the Google News link and set up an Alert for any term, which you can refine, as it explains, using Google Operators. These Alerts can be a goldmine (or avalanche if too broad).
Inoreader is free for up to 150 feeds; there are several ways to view the results and feeds can be organised into folders. Here’s how to get started with Inoreader and more on RSS feeds.
… and finally
The free Google News App can be personalised and in Settings there’s a toggle switch to turn on ‘daily briefing’ emails.
Pocket Hits is the read-later tool’s own newsletter, featuring “the most fascinating articles from top publications”. It’s not nearly as targeted as Refind or Flipboard, but surfaces some interesting reads.
If you have a favourite tool for content discovery, let me know. Meanwhile, I hope the tips help you become even more magnetic 😊
Thanks for reading 👏
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