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By Martine Ellis

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🔍 Notes by Martine: The Surprising Truth About Microbreaks

Articles by Martine: The Surprising Truth About Microbreaks and Productivity Articles by Martine: How to Read (and Learn From) Every Email Newsletter You Subscribe toOther Articles: Using Google Calendar as a Planner at WorkOther Articles: Extract Your Whole …


🧠 Notes by Martine: Cognitive Load, Wellbeing, and Productivity

Offer: Get $100 off Ship 30 for 30 Article: Cognitive Load and 9 Implications for Increased ProductivityArticle: Is Quiet Quitting a Real Thing?Article: How To Pursue A Goal Without Letting It Take Over Your LifeArticle: How to Overwrite Your Cognitive Script…


🎉 Notes by Martine: Challenge Accepted and Achieved

Atomic essays: Week 4 (on Typeshare) Final atomic essay: Three Things I Learned Writing Online Every Day for 30 Days (for the Third Time)Article: Metacognition: The Mind’s Swiss Army KnifeArticle: Long-Form Journaling Takes Too Much Time: Gain Perspective—Qui…


🔎 Notes by Martine: Get Smarter Every Day

Atomic Essays: Martine's week 3 essays (my favourite is here)Tool: Refind (Amazing Article Curation)Article: Napkin - Your Space to Connect the DotsArticle: 11 Awkward Things About EmailArticle: How to Get Back into the Habit of Reading Video: How I Study Usi…


💭 Notes by Martine: Slow Productivity

This week's essays: Ship 30 by Martine on Typeshare and TwitterVideo: Slow ProductivityVideo: Getting Started with Framework ThinkingTool: Literal (track your reading)Conference: Idea Exchange Conference (PKM)Fun: Like Wordle


💭 Notes by Martine: When Thinking Leads to Doing

This week's essays: Ship 30 by Martine on Typeshare and on TwitterArticle: Thinking With Pen and PaperArticle: Cognitive BottlenecksVideo: Why I Don't Use Projects in Todoist (principles of this video applicable to other tools)Tweet thread: How to Remember Im…


🚢 Notes by Martine: Setting Sail

Atomic Essay: Why I'm Writing 30 Atomic Essays in 30 DaysArticle: Rest Isn't the Opposite of WorkArticle: 50 of Our All-Time Best Mental Health TipsTweet: Personal NewsIllustration: Kintsugi


🧵 Notes by Martine: Crafting for Mental Health

Article: How to Do Nothing with Nobody All Alone by Yourself - A Timely Vintage Field Guide to Self-Reliant Play and Joyful SolitudeArticle: How to Recover from Work Stress, According to ScienceArticle: Burnout Guide - Symptoms, Causes, and PreventionTool: Re…


🔋 Notes by Martine: On Working WITH Your Energy Levels

Article: Energy Calendar - How to Take Control of Your TimeArticle: How a Personal Knowledge Management System Will Help You Get Things Done When You're Exhausted Article: The Power of Short Breaks, Movement and Other Practices Thread: Your Brain and BurnoutM…


🧘‍♀️ Notes by Martine: Still Trying to Meditate

Podcast: I Tried Interstitial Journalling For Six Months - Here’s What HappenedPodcast: Terrible at Meditation? Try This InsteadArticle: The Dark Art of Pretending You Are Fine Article: Can’t Seem to Meditate? 7 Joyful Activities for You to Try Instead Illust…


🧰 Notes by Martine: Tools to Try This Weekend

Article: Boring Phone: How to Stop Phone AddictionVideo: Inside Ali Abdaal's FULL Second Brain SystemVideo: Apple Notes - Become a Power User in 2022!App: Supernotes (iOS and Android apps in beta)App: Balance (meditation app - free for the first year)Resource…


🥪 Notes by Martine: Lunch?

Article: How to Develop a Wellbeing-First Mindset and Why it is EssentialArticle: How to Tell When it’s Time to Quit Your Job to Protect Your Mental HealthArticle: The Art of the Finish: How to Go From Busy to Accomplished Video: ABZ Framework (a simple plann…


🐶 Notes by Martine: Dog Walk Thoughts

Mini-podcast: Why You Should Leave Your Headphones At Home When You Go For A Walk Mini-podcast: How Getting A Dog Improved My Mental HealthMini-podcast: Fiction Audiobooks For Mindfulness Article: 4 Compassionate Steps To Take When Your Mental Health is at it…


🧰 Notes by Martine: Tools and Unfinished Tasks

Tools: Untools (Tools for Better Thinking)Article: The Psychology of Unfinished Tasks Video: Building a Second Brain + Writing a Book with Tiago ForteTweet Thread: 6 Tips to Master your ProductivityTweet: My Updated PKM System (Matter is BACK)


📚 Notes by Martine: The Bookish One

Podcast: We All Need to be Better at Meetings - Here's How Article: Reading BetterVideo: The Four Day Week (UK Study) Tool: MuseTwitter: The Fastest Way to Relieve StressTwitter: I'm a Columnist!Currently Reading: Building a Second Brain


👆Notes by Martine: Doomscrolling

Article: How to Make Time for Play as an Adult Article: What is Doomscrolling?Video: How to Break Your Phone Addiction Doodle: Wellbeing-First Mindset (a reminder)Doodle: Hybrid Meetings


💛 Notes by Martine: The Permission Slip

Doodles by Martine: on Twitter, Instagram and my websiteCourse: Pencil PiratesArticle: Embracing Trade-Offs and MarginResource: The Blurt Foundation Conference replay: Linking Your Thinking ConferencePodcast: Owning It


⭐️ Notes by Martine: Productivity RULES

Article: The False Compromise FallacyArticle: How to Take Things Less PersonallyVideo: How I Take Notes (for Uni)Doodle and Thread: Energy AccountingQuestion: Productivity Advice


🟢 Notes by Martine: In the Mood

Twitter Space: (Recording) Exploring Personal Knowledge Management with Martine and BillYouTube Channel: Lofi Hip Hop Radio (for relaxing/studying)App: MoodArticle: A Personal Digital Reset Atomic Essay: The Magic List Method


❤️ Notes by Martine: An Ode to Meetings and Spreadsheets

Twitter Space: Exploring Personal Knowledge Management with Martine and Bill (happening today)Article: We All Need to be Better at Meetings - Here's HowArticle: The Next Wellness Trend Should Be Google SpreadsheetsArticle: The 4 Most Stressful Work Situations…