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Notes by Martine
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Welcome to my new look email newsletter - Notes by Martine. I’ve decided to change things up a little while the podcast is on hiatus.
The plan is to lead with an article I have written (or some audio I have recorded) followed by a selection of carefully curated articles and videos, mainly covering the topics of wellbeing-driven productivity, professional learning and personal knowledge management. I will likely throw in some book recommendations too.
Here’s the TLDR:

🖋 By Martine
How to Design Your Own Personal Knowledge Management System — Martine Ellis
Martine Ellis
For my @readwiseio @obsdmd PKM friends... this is a great walkthrough video👇
🎬 Watch
10 Mental Models I Use Everyday
📚 Read
Emotional exhaustion: a leading indicator of burnout - Ness Labs
The Ultimate Guide to Summarizing Books: How to Distill Ideas to Accelerate Your Learning - Forte Labs
🚢 Discount
If you follow me on Twitter you will know I am a HUGE fan of the Ship 30 for 30 Challenge. Not only has made me a more confident writer, but it has also introduced me to a wonderful community.
If you fancy ‘boarding the ship’ in October, grab a discount here.
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