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❌ Breaking the Rules (Not in a Good Way)

Notes by Martine
Hello friend
I got sick this week - not Covid, thankfully, but (awkwardly) it very much looked and sounded like Covid.
Can I be honest?
I broke all my personal rules around wellbeing this week - just when I should have been paying them even more attention. I did all the things I would tell you NOT to do. I worked when I should have been resting; I pretended I was OK when really, I wasn’t.
Telling you this makes me feel a bit silly - I know what I should be doing. But it is a timely reminder to you (and, ahem.. me) that working on your wellbeing is hard - it takes strength. When you are sick, that strength is significantly reduced.
Let’s be kinder to oursleves, next week, ok?
Here’s what I’ve been making notes on this week 📝

📚 To Read - On Meetings
TeamsChat – A Synchronous Alternative for Video Meetings
Not In Real-Time: How To Run An Asynchronous Meeting
📚 To Read - On Reading
How to Read
📚 To Read - on Problem-Solving
7 Mental Models For Problem-Solving To Avoid Catastrophic Mess
📱 Read-it-Late App Change
I’ve been testing Matter for the past few months as my read-it-later app and it is fantastic, however, I have been running into a few issues. For example, the web version of Matter is not quite there yet. Furthermore, Matter does not sync with my newsletter tool (Revue) so sending articles, here, to share with you, is clunky. So, I have (for now) reverted back to an oldie, but a goodie… Instapaper (which happens to also play very nicely with Obsidian). Instapaper is simple and elegant. It does far less than Matter but is currently suiting my needs.
Save Anything. Read Anywhere.
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