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Free Coffee For Your Data

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Marketing Technology

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We all know the story. Whenever we go online or use a digital platform for free, Google or another business is tracking all of our clicks and our personal information is for sale. All that data is great for marketers because we can more effectively target ads. What if we did that in the analog world? A coffee shop at Brown University is giving students free coffee in exchange for their personal information. The data is used to show them ads for products they may be interested in and potential employers host recruiting events at the cafe. I’m used to digitizing processes but I didn’t expect the opposite. NPR did a great job of covering the process.
That’s just one of the articles we curated in this latest edition. You can also keep up to date on the new marketing funnel, the latest trends in AR and VR and the geek out with marketing analytics team at Airbnb.
Dig in and enjoy.

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