A Decade of Experiment in MarTech

Marketing Technology




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Marketing Technology

Hand picked articles, resources, tools, and conversation from around the world of marketing technology. #martech

Hey there!
Hope you keep experimenting with your marketing campaigns. Here are some ideas, frameworks, and guides to help you go further.
Have fun this week,
Guerric de Ternay.

A Simple Framework for Testing Your Social Media Ideas (+ 87 Ideas)
How People Read Short Articles [Original Research]
A Decade of Martech: The top 10 ideas from 10 years of chiefmartec.com
How Much Does Social Media Influencer Marketing Really Cost
5 Critical Factors for Optimizing Luxury Ecommerce Sites
20 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools for Small and Medium Businesses
Techstars Startup Digest Marketing Technology is curated by:
Pedro Ferreira Pedro Ferreira - International Director in the Media Industry Space
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