Marketing Technology

By Pedro Ferreira

Hand picked articles, resources, tools, and conversation from around the world of marketing technology. #martech

Hand picked articles, resources, tools, and conversation from around the world of marketing technology. #martech

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Marketing Technology





Marketing Technology Digest - Issue #112

I´m heading to OMR in Hamburg. If around ping me.See you next week in your inbox. Cheers,Pedro Ferreira


Marketing Technology Digest - Issue #111

The Drum Awards have seen and rewarded amazing work from around the global marketing and media industry.In fact, over 1,000 companies like yours ​have submitted over 3,000 entries in 2022 already.And the good news is, you can choose from 10 competitions takin…


We are back 🔊 Marketing Technology Digest - Issue #110

First things first, there’s a day for Scott Brinker, VP Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot, and Frans Riemersma of MartechTribe are proposing that the first Tuesday in May — this year, May 3 — henceforth will be known as International Martech Day.…


An AI Pizza Identifier for the Super Bowl

Welcome Back! I don't know about you, but I was disappointed with the Super Bowl ads. The NFL's spot was my favorite with the Serena Williams Nike spot a strong second. Lots of people watch the game for the TV commercials but there is lots of interesting mark…


Marketing Technology - Issue #108

Welcome back,On behalf of my other curators, we wish you a safe and joyous holiday season. In case you want to do a little work over the next couple of weeks, we've curated some 2018 retrospectives, some 2019 predictions and a selection of interesting article…


Technical Marketing on Social Media & Beyond

Wow. We had a wild Black Friday a couple of weeks ago.Shopify shares two interesting facts:Email was the channel that converted at the highest rate;66% of the sales happened on mobile.CheersGuerric de Ternay.


Best Practices: Holiday Marketing in MarTech

Hi there!Thanksgiving is nearly here and Christmas is around the corner. As many B2C marketers, I have been preparing that period of the year since July for GoudronBlanc and Blackwood. I thought I’ll share some of the resources I used to step up our MarTech a…


How to get personalization right

Personalization is one of the key tools for marketers today, but when does personalization go from making the customer feel appreciated to making him feel creeped out? And, how do you know where that line is? In this week's first article, Marketingland lists…


Marketing Technology: Case Studies and How-tos

Hey there!Here's another exciting week for the MarTech newsletter.Case studies, how-tos, and some research about Marketing, Growth, and Social Media.Have fun and dig in!CheersGuerric de Ternay.


Free Coffee For Your Data

We all know the story. Whenever we go online or use a digital platform for free, Google or another business is tracking all of our clicks and our personal information is for sale. All that data is great for marketers because we can more effectively target ads…


MarTech: Facebook is now ranking users' trustworthiness

Hey there!I'm sharing a lot of resources this week.Got really excited about marketing team management and voice SEO.As usual, the world of MarTech is moving really fast!Have a great week!Guerric de Ternay.


Marketing Technology - Issue #101

Email marketing turned 40 this year. In May of 1979, Gary Thuerk sent an unsolicited email pitch to 400 business prospects. His campaign generated $13 million in sales. Unsolicited emails became the norm but consumers didn't start calling it "spam" until the …


Issue #100

100 Issues! We crossed the century mark!Guerric, Mitchell and I started curating this newsletter about 2 and a half years ago. It's been lots of fun working with them while tripling our subscriber base. Thanks for subscribing, reading and sharing. We look for…


54 Ideas of Marketing Stacks for Your Company

Hi there,This week's newsletter is divided in two parts:1. Some advice on Marketing Technology2. A few marketing case studiesHave fun and dig in!CheersGuerric de Ternay.


The Omni In Omnichannel

It's late July which means back to school shopping and summer vacation. Whenever I return from a few days off it always feels like I've been gone for a month. After I catch up on work there is always a stack of new product launches, a list of acquisitions and…


Let's Get Personal

Mary Meeker presented her internet trends report two weeks ago and Apple's WWDC was last week. It seems like we were just celebrating NYE and the year is almost halfway over. How can a marketer keep all with all the exciting developments in marketing technolo…


New Marketing Tactics and GDPR Solutions with Startup Digest

Hey there!Hope you had a lovely week! 🤩This week, I share with you some tactical inspiration to boost your marketing campaigns. And, of course, a little bit of GDPR (probably the biggest MarTech shift of the year).Have fun and dig in!CheersGuerric de Ternay.


Is GDPR Going to Kill Marketing Technology?

Hi there!GDPR, EU's new data privacy law, is hitting the ground soon.Obviously, this has a huge impact if you process the data of any individuals, i.e. all marketers should care about GDPR. So here's a special edition with some of the best summaries I've read…


A Decade of Experiment in MarTech

Hey there!Hope you keep experimenting with your marketing campaigns. Here are some ideas, frameworks, and guides to help you go further.Cheers!Have fun this week,Guerric de Ternay.


Marketing Technology - Issue #93

While Mark Zuckerberg is sitting on the hot seat in front of Congress we still have to continue marketing and trying to stay ahead of the marketing technology curve.This week we have two podcasts. The first interview is with John Ridding, the CEO of the Finan…