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My letter to my favorite live music venue that just required proof of vaccination

My letter to my favorite live music venue that just required proof of vaccination
Natalies is a live venue here in Columbus, and — although overall this city has been on the low end of the Karen scale — has decided to require proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test.
Here is my letter to them…

As a long time customer I am greatly disappointed by your decision (as reported in the Dispatch) to require proof of vaccination. 
(1) This is a form of discrimination inconsistent with the ideals of Western Civilization. 
(2) COVID19 has repeatedly been shown to very rarely spread via asymptomatics. 
(3) Although vaccinated people have a reduced risk of getting sick from COVID19, they appear to be able to be infected and are themselves seemingly equally infectious, but with lower or no symptoms (!), making them potentially even more risky for gatherings. (Although I am NOT suggesting discriminating against the vaccinated either!)
(4) Potentially a majority of the population already has been exposed to COVID19 and recovered (for example, in India 2/3 of the entire population has been), and natural immunity has been shown to be seven times more robust than vaccines.
(5) COVID19 has an infection fatality rate (IFR) like a bad flu for older folks with multiple comorbidities, but a much lower IFR than that of flu for younger healthy folks. Its dangers have been so overblown and exaggerated by the media that the average person thinks that if they get it they have a 30% chance of dying. The actual value is 0.23% overall, and 0.05% for those under 70.
I implore you to change your policy, not only to do the right thing, but to be an example leader in the community, 
Dr. Mark Changizi
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[#4 has been added since I first emailed my complaint (and the earlier #4 shifted to #5), for it will be in future complaints.]
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