Telecom Trends Weekly

By Mark Goldberg

Helping understand changes in competitive telecommunications markets

Helping understand changes in competitive telecommunications markets

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Telecom Trends Weekly - Issue #85

Last week was another busy one with three posts, starting off with a couple that dealt with social media content, followed by a look at 5G. As we move into December, I may be slowing down my pace of writing, as many will likely have other things on our minds.…


Telecom Trends Weekly - Issue #84

My trip overseas continues, enabling me to taste the delicacies and culture of Israel with mt family members here, and appreciate what we have in Canada from afar. That brings me to the first of last week's blog posts.


Telecom Trends Weekly - Issue #83

Last Wednesday, I prematurely sent out a partial version of this edition of Telecom Trends Weekly, with just the first of 2 posts.Oops! Here is the complete edition (including both posts).


Telecom Trends Weekly - Issue #82

As promised, my Twitter feed is combining telecom news with information about some of my favourite foods from Israel, the foods that power Israel's innovation economy.


Telecom Trends Weekly - Issue #81

Just one blog post last week, because of my travel. For the next few weeks, I will be combining discussions of telecommunications related issues with my other passion: the foods that power an innovation economy. Watch my Twitter feed (which I am now mirroring…


Telecom Trends Weekly - Issue #80

We are just getting into November and I have already completed as many blog posts this year as I wrote in all of 2021, a pace 50% higher than pre-pandemic levels. My two posts last week covered very different subjects.


Telecom Trends Weekly - Issue #79

This week's newsletter features blog posts that look at the impact of government policy on investment in telecom infrastructure. It was especially refreshing to see the UK regulator review its net neutrality regulations to determine if better consumer outcome…


Telecom Trends Weekly - Issue #78

Last week, the CRTC released its long awaited determination on its review of tariffs for facilities-based Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs). As I observed to the Globe and Mail, “Overall, I think the commission has tried to preserve the incentives for …


Telecom Trends Weekly - Issue #77

Despite a shortened work week, I still managed to publish a couple more blog posts last week. I'd appreciate your comments. There were further developments in the case of government funding of the Community Media Advocacy Centre as reported last week in the G…


Telecom Trends Weekly - Issue #76

Canadian Thanksgiving (and Columbus Day south of the border) meant a slight delay in sending out this week's edition of my digest, with just one blog post due to last week's Yom Kippur holiday.


Telecom Trends Weekly - Issue #75

For a shortened week, I still squeezed out a couple blog posts. The coming week includes Yom Kippur, so our offices will be closed Tuesday late afternoon and all day on Wednesday. Next week's issue will be delayed by a day, because of Thanksgiving Monday.


Telecom Trends Weekly - Issue #74

September is the first month of the school year. As we approach month's end, it's appropriate to include a look at the development of a curriculum for training the next generation of tower technicians.This edition of Telecom Trends Weekly is being sent on the…


Telecom Trends Weekly - Issue #73

Last week's posts were somewhat more academic than usual, perhaps inspired by the start of a new school year. But don't worry, there's no exam at the end of the term.


Telecom Trends Weekly - Issue #72

Last week's posts weren't connected in any way. The first post was a look at an unusual display of unity in a jointly signed letter from telecommunications policy professionals who are usually at loggerheads. The second post looked at some interesting immigra…


Telecom Trends Weekly - Issue #71

Schools are back in session. For the most part, university programs are actually taking place in-person, in some cases for the first time in more than 2 years. In last week's blog post, I wrote a piece talking about what I did during my "summer vacation". It'…


Telecom Trends Weekly - Issue #70

Last week saw continued impact of the consequences of the general public finally catching word of a story that my readers have been following for more than a year: a venomous online presence of a consultant engaged by the Department of Canadian Heritage to le…


Telecom Trends Weekly - Issue #69

Revisiting a couple issues this week: after much prodding, it appears that the government will finally review its funding of a purveyor of hate; and, taking another look at concentration in Canada's wireless market. You might be surprised.


Telecom Trends Weekly - Issue #68

A common theme in last week's posts was conferences. In the first article, I highlight the Call for Speakers for STAC2023, the gathering of the Structure, Tower and Antenna Council, the people who construct Canada's telecommunications infrastructure.In the ot…


Telecom Trends Weekly - Issue #67

Last week's issue missed one of the blog posts from the previous week (The all-star break), so I am picking it up here.


Telecom Trends Weekly - Issue #66

Can government broadband subsidies be more effective? That was a subject explored last week. I also looked back at what attracted the greatest interest over the past 7 months.Are there topics you would like to see covered in a future blog post? Just reply to …