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The who is who of UX jobs 👯‍♀️ | Grab a Coffee ☕️ #12

Grab a Coffee ☕️
Currently, I am working as a UX/UI Designer. But I am not sure if this is an appropriate term for the job I do. Isn’t UI more a part of UX, and UX a fundamental part of the whole product itself? That makes me wonder. 😳
Are you feeling the same about all this names for different (or maybe the same) roles in the digital product industry?
There are tons of UX jobs out there and you probably stumble across countless job titles while scrolling through all the platforms. That’s why I took some time to have a closer look and give you a brief overview of different roles and titles.

🤓 Roles in detail
Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. 🌳 With all the different job titles in the UX industry, it’s no difference. What does a role involve and which one is best for you? 
To give you a better overview, I’ve had a look at six different roles and summarized their respective responsibilities. Let’s go! 🚀
👩‍💻 UX Designer
UX Designers are generalists and are responsible for all the design related work in a company. They cover the whole design process and depending on the company size they work as solo designers or in a design team.
👩‍🏫 Product Designer
As a product designer, you are in many things similar to a UX designer. But you also look for the whole product and not only its user experience.
In your work, you always have user and business goals in mind. You contribute to the product roadmap and are also involved in more strategic work.
🎨 UI Designer
UI Designers are – as the title already says – mainly working on the user interface of a product.
Therefore your work starts more or less at the end of the design process where it comes to the final design. You are the master of color, typography and the look and feel of the product.
👩‍🔬 UX Researcher
As a UX Researcher you are the expert for finding out what users really need, where they get stuck or on which ends to improve a product. You main focus lies on research work.
✏️ UX Writer
As the job title implies, it’s about the written micro-copy in a product and you’re responsible for all copy. Some examples would be button texts, placeholders, or error messages. 
👩‍💼 UX Consultant
Depending on what a UX consultant is focused on, different tasks could be part of the job:
  • Provide audits of websites, apps, or saas products
  • Perform user research and deliver outcomes such as empathy maps, or user journey maps and help companies to get a clearer understanding of their customers’ needs
  • Creating design systems (e. g. for MVPs)
  • Designing low- and high-fidelity prototypes
  • Perform usability testing
  • Educate teams on how to integrate UX design into their existing processes
🤿 Diving deep or staying a generalist?
Do you asked yourself whether your UX knowledge should be rather broad or if you should focus more on a certain area, such as research? Here’s the answer:
Just as the world is not simply black and white, the answer is both. Even though you might not want to hear that. Because it is associated with lots of work and effort 😉.
In a blog post by Sarah Doody, founder of the Career Strategy Lab, I read some interesting statements about this and can only agree with them.
But read for yourself, here’s the article. 👇
Should you choose a UX design specialization or remain a UX generalist?
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Marina 👋
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