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Struggling with confidence — and how to do better 🌸 | Grab a Coffee ☕️ #24

Grab a Coffee ☕️
Besides photography and writing, one of my hobbies is art. When I have time and am in the right mood, I create images using the Cyanotype method. I saw it more as a way to spend time and do a bit of “crafting”, rather than as art, until I showed them to my family and some friends.
Their feedback was amazing and it showed me once again that we should be more confident in the things we do. No matter if it’s leisure or work. 
Do you often feel like you don’t believe in your own strengths and abilities? Then grab a cup of coffee ☕️ and let’s clarify today why we doubt ourselves so often and how we can become more confident.
Let’s go! ☕️🚀

🥺 What is impostor syndrom?
If you think that you or your work is never good enough, or you are convinced that you cannot do something (well) or your contribution is not valuable or you are not successful, this is called Impostor Syndrome.
🤨 Is impostor syndrom real?
It feels like every other design conference has at least one talk dedicated to designers’ lack of confidence, online you can find meet-ups or sessions on the topic every week, and the market is just overflowing with coaching, blog posts and books promising the best life and work hacks to overcome Impostor Syndrome.
Do we really all have so little confidence in ourselves that we can fuel an entire industry with it? Or maybe we just think that because we keep being told we do.
An interesting article on reasons for Impostor Syndrome in women:
Stop Telling Women They Have Imposter Syndrome
I believe that we often believe too little in ourselves and that there is actually no rational reason for this. Whether that always has to be called an imposter? I don’t know. But what I do know is that this attitude can have an impact on our work.
🫣 The impact of missing of self-confidence
Missing creativity
You can’t pursue your best ideas, be truly creative, or let your thoughts run free if your energy is flowing into the wrong or rather unimportant things.
We tend to think about what others think about us, our ideas or about our work, instead of putting them into action.
Fail job offers
People who don’t believe in themselves also have a harder time convincing others of their worth. This also will affect your chances to get a new job.
If you seem insecure and don’t “sell” your skills, you will have hard times convincing new employers to hire you.
Perfectionism and procrastination
Perfectionism is definitely a sign that we are not self-confident enough and invest more energy in a task than is actually necessary. In contrast to this the fear of failure often leads us not to start anything at all. Both things let us do worse at work.
Psyche is truly mean. 😭 So how to handle it better?
😎 Being more confident
Adam Grant
Impostor syndrome: “I don't know what I'm doing. It's only a matter of time until everyone finds out."

Growth mindset: "I don't know what I'm doing yet. It's only a matter of time until I figure it out."

The highest form of self-confidence is believing in your ability to learn.
Compare realistically
Instagram is not real life and just because someone has 300 likes on LinkedIn doesn’t make them a better designer.
Talk to others
We have a blind spot for our own behavior. Social interactions help to understand how others perceive us and also our work. 
Give it a try and ask for feedback or find a mentor to discuss your work.
Celebrate your wins
Celebrate all the small and big wins in your day-to-day (job) life and be aware of where you’ve gotten to now. (Even if things might not be going your way right now).
Do you need some more tips and tricks to become more confident? Here’s a great article with some helpful ideas:
9 insider tips that will boost your confidence as a creative professional
☕️ Finished your coffee?
Thank you so much for reading so far and I hope you doubt yourself and your skills less in the future. Because that’s the goal I want to achieve: sharing with others to grow together 🚀 (and drinking good coffee). 
Would you like to get more confident in your design work? If you need a mentor, feel free to book some time with me HERE.
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See you next week with new topics and an amazingly good cup of coffee. ☕️
Marina 👋
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