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How to improve SEO with UX Design? 🔍 | Grab a Coffee ☕️ #27

Grab a Coffee ☕️
As you’ve subscribed to this newsletter, you’re probably a digital designer. And as such, you probably know this feeling all too well:
You search for something on Google, quickly scan the first search results, and then click on the site that looks most promising to you. But what if the page doesn’t load fast enough, the structure of the page is terribly confusing or the content doesn’t match what you expected from your search. 
Then you leave the page before you can say goodbye and either try another search result or start a new search.
So what exactly does this has to do with UX? Let’s search for the answer… 🕵️‍♀️

🔎 What's SEO?
SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization.
A SEO strategy includes all measures that can be executed to increase the organic, so-called non-paid reach of a website via rankings in search engines like Google or Bing.
How UX influences SEO success
When you get right down to it, search engine optimization and user experience design actually have the same goal: happy users who can quickly and easily find exactly the information they’re looking for.
SEO and UX design actually have the same goal: happy users!
Users who find the information they are looking for by searching on a website that is clear, appealing, and invites them to spend more time on it, ultimately create positive user signals.
The experience of your users does not only refer to the perception of your «static» content, but also strongly to the interaction of the users with your website. The more interaction you enable, the more time users will spend on your site and this in turn has a positive impact on your ranking.
Googles user signals
Google has around 200 ranking factors that influence the ranking of a website. In addition to technical requirements and measures in the text or image area, it can be assumed that user behavior also plays a role in the ranking.
The behavior users show on a website are called user signals and these signals have great impact on your SEO success. The SEO for beginners blog post by YOAST, one of the most famous SEO WordPress plugins gives you a brief overview of the most important user signals.
What are user signals? • SEO for beginners • Yoast
Improving UX for SEO
  • Go for mobile-first solutions
  • Care about good Information Architecture and easy navigation
  • Use design best-practices and common UI patterns
  • Engage users to interact with your website
Want to know more in detail about UX and SEO? Read on here:
UX Design and SEO - whitewords blog
Thanks for searching... uuhmm reading
If you’ve read this far, my content has been good enough to keep you in this newsletter as long as possible. If it were a website, that would be the best case scenario that everyone wants for their own website. Users who stay a long time and read to the end.
I hope you learned some new things today and that you could take something for your daily work as a designer. Because then I have achieved my goal: sharing with others to grow together 🚀 (and drinking good coffee).
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See you next week with new topics and an amazingly good cup of coffee. ☕️
Marina 👋
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