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How to foster a UX culture? 🙌 | Grab a Coffee ☕️ #18

Grab a Coffee ☕️
While I worked & traveled across Scandinavia for about four weeks and my team is spread out in Switzerland and Romania, I never felt really far away from them.
For me, it’s not the physical presence that matters, but the atmosphere in the team, the collaborative work and the regular exchange — both in calls and asynchronously via chats.
Culture is a difficult word. What belongs in a corporate culture, what is UX Culture and aren’t we all overloaded with processes, routines, meetings and ideas that we are supposed to integrate into our daily work?
I don’t want to praise a certain culture up to the sky or condemn it. It’s just important to me that my team, and also all the other people I work with, understand what I do, why I make certain decisions and that I can ask for input and help.
That’s why I see UX culture and all other forms of corporate culture are about communication, sharing knowledge, understanding and offering help.

👩‍🏫 What is UX Culture?
When a company has a UX culture, it means all actions are user-centric and the concepts that are important for an exceptional user experience are known to all team members.
The needs of the users are therefore at the center of all investigations and decisions. So in addition to designing interactions and the user interface, this also applies to the sales pitch, coding, and goes all the way to customer support.
🤗 How to live a UX Culture?
Advocate UX
As the designer in the team it’s your job to advocate for the aspects of UX in every situation. If you’re involved in contacts with users, research or the development process, your task is to ensure that everyone keep in mind to follow a user-centric approach.
Explain why something might be a better or worse decision and why you would suggest following a certain way of doing something.
Train the team
As designers, you know about the benefits of UX concepts, after all it’s your job. But your colleagues don’t necessarily know about it. That’s why it’s important that you introduce them to this kind of knowledge. 
Workshops and insights on specific topics help to quickly bring the team to a common level. But also showcases in which you demonstrate your decisions and especially the way you got there can help your team to understand what is important for good UX.
Share resources
For motivated co-workers, you can provide a knowledge base of helpful links, articles, short online courses, and books. But you should also make your own design decisions and design documentation available to everyone.
The best way to do this is to use a collaboration tool like Notion or Confluence by Atlassian. This gives everyone the opportunity to access the most important information or to add to it independently and your Figma files can be linked easily.
☕️ Finished your coffee?
I hope you got some insights what UX culture is and how you could nurture a UX culture in your own team. 😃
Thank you so much for reading so far and I hope you learned something new. Because that’s the goal I want to achieve: sharing with others to grow together. 🚀
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See you next week with new topics and an amazingly good cup of coffee. ☕️
Marina 👋
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